The Tribune Democrat, Johnstown, PA

June 18, 2011

BILL EGGERT | Recalling things my dad said


JOHNSTOWN — In celebration of Father’s Day, I once again turn to memories of my dad, who is no longer with us.

As this is my fifth Father’s Day reminiscence, I was trying to think of something new to say about Dad. Using the best-selling book (and later TV sitcom starring William Shatner) called “$h*! My Dad Says” as my inspiration, I’ve come up with a new slant for this installment.

My dad was always dispensing advice to us kids when we were growing up. Many times the things that Dad said were not only wise, but they were also sometimes catchy, funny, and always memorable.

It was only later, when we were older, that I realized that many of these phrases of wisdom were not coined, but rather co-opted, by Dad. It was like when Charlie Chan would quote the pearls of Confuscian wisdom for Number One or Two Sons.

It was not a major issue; Dad no doubt realized that there was no need to reinvent the wheel when it came to tried-and-true sayings. Some sayings, though, it should be noted, have no precedence, so could possibly have been invented by Dad.

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