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January 19, 2013

Real estate transactions 01/20/2013

The Tribune-Democrat

— The following are real estate transactions for $10,000 or more:

Cambria County

Michael R. Schirato from Yvonne L. Sarnosky, property in Blacklick Township, $115,000.

Frank Tomaselli from Tall Timber Mountain LLC, property in Richland Township, $39,000.

Jacob D. Bloughs from James Keilman Jr., property in Jackson Township, $116,500.

Tracy A. Brown from Christopher H. Phillips, property in Geistown Borough, $63,000.

Michael B. Springer from Mark E. Buzard, property in Westmont Borough, $115,000.

Richard Stephenson from James C. Leahey, property in Richland Township, $95,000.

Ralph D. Munoz from Edward J. Kasterko, property in Johnstown’s 18th Ward, $12,500.

Mark R. Bako from Thomas E. Ozog, property in Upper Yoder Township, $130,000.

Travis T. Uncles from James D. McCall, property in Upper Yoder Township, $99,500.

William T. Hindman III from Patrick C. Stewart, property in Lower Yoder Township, $79,505.59.

James Smiley from Thomas M. Cochran, property in Cambria Township, $11,250.

Dennis J. Link from Mark J. Krumenacker Partner, by attorney-in-fact, property in Allegheny Township, $120,000.

James F. Panaro from Mark J. Krumenacker Partner/Krumenacker Lumber Co., property in East Carroll Township, $40,000.

Kayleigh M. White from Kevin J. Wilson, property in Portage Borough, $76,500.

John D. Krill from Christine A. Picklo Trust by trustee, property in East Taylor Township, $72,000.

Joel R. Freniere from Dustin O. Claycomb, property in Patton Borough, $69,900.

Warren G. Herr from John R. McGreehan, property in Johnstown’s 8th Ward, $39,900.

Edward W. Richardson III from Judith L. Shandor, property in Summerhill Borough, $102,250.

Justin R. Rainey from George Benko, property in Portage Borough, $109,000.

Michael D. Samson from Anthony J. Mazzetti, property in Tunnellhill Borough, $139,900.

Cartus Financial Corp. from James R. Loudermilk, property in Southmont Borough, $214,000.

Lisa M. Yost from Cartus Financial Corp., property in Southmont Borough,$214,000.

Betty A. Ritchey from David J. Smith, property in Johns-town’s 18th Ward, $200,000.

Douglas D. Stern/Western Pennsylvania District Christian & Missionary Alliance from Cresson Properties LLC/

Grubbstern LLC, property in Sankertown Borough, $496,325.

Somerset County

Patricia Stutzman from 219 Development Corp., property in Somerset Township, $147,000.

Crosshair Ventures from 219 Development Corp., property in Somerset Township, $94,521.

AK Coal Resources Inc. from Roy E. Hemminger, property in Jenner Township, $500,000.

David A. Mihalko Jr. from Fairview Dairy Inc., property in Paint Township, $102,000.

John P. Niebauer Jr. from Edward Cernic Partnership, property in Somerset Township, $620,000.

John P. Niebauer Jr. from Lewis A. Miller, property in Somerset Township, $326,800.

Boys & Girls Club from Soar Somerset, property in Somerset Township, $495,000.

Joseph P. Diggins Jr. from Peter W. Sanner, property in Middlecreek Township, $525,000.

PA Game Commission from Curtis W. Swallow, property in Shade Township, $336,300.

Brude F. Ruddy from Carol W. Brown, property in Jefferson Township, $315,000.

Clay D. Riegel from Robert C. Caldwell, property in Jefferson Township, $70,000.

Evangelos Nikitas Missos from Jory D. Richman, property in Middlecreek Township, $185,000.

Ryan W. Gregg from Raymond K. Tellier, property in Middlecreek Township, $150,000.

Leslie A. Kohan from Jacqueline A. Kohan, property in Hooversville Borough, $25,000.

NI&J from Walter L. Rausch, property in Middlecreek Township, $325,000.

Jill Blackburn from Bank United, property in Salisbury Borough, $20,000.

Ricky O. Krisko from Sheila I. Rorabaugh, property in Conemaugh Township, $117,000.

Jacob F. Luce from Sigrid S. Ingrim, property in Upper Turkeyfoot Township, $15,000.

Timothy W. Bergstresser II from Christopher Currie, property in Jenner Township, $130,000.

Listie Development from Somerset Consolidated Industry, property in Somerset Borough, $155,000.

Kevin Kozlick from Joann T. Shaw, property in Shade Township, $102,000.

Kozlick Property Management from Joann T. Shaw, property in Shade Township, $163,000.

Kozlick Property Management from Almeda Shaw, property in Shade Township, $25,000.

PTM from Center & Waterworks, property in Somerset Borough, $1,300,000.

Cambriarts Advertising from Doretta A. Trevarrow, property in Hooversville Borough, $11,000.

Rose Lumber Inc. from Robert C. Rose Estate, property in Jenner Township, $330,260.

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