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October 6, 2012

Real estate transactions 10/09/2012


Somerset County

Richard A. Hofecker from Karen Greenwood, property in Conemaugh Township, $15,000.

Christopher Kantz from Mark W. Rensko, property in Conemaugh Township, $55,000.

Kevin W. Lytle from Ruth E. Apter, property in Somerset Borough, $89,000.

Ryan Uphouse from Mark T. Thomas, property in Somerset Township, $224,000.

Keaton W. Thomas from Thomas J. Friend, property in Somerset Borough, $57,000.

Marcus C. Replogle from Hazel L. Ling, property in Jenner Township, $66,000.

Jason M. Jones from Tony W. Strasier, property in Conemaugh Township, $24,598.

Tammy J. Frampton from Sandra J. Stanga, property in Lincoln Township, $79,600.

Plantation Partners from Novita C. Campbell, property in Lincoln Township, $21,510.

Plantation Partners from Edward J. Yommer, property in Somerset Borough, $17,500.

Joshua D. Riley from Jeremy L. McLarney, property in Brothersvalley Township, $89,000.

Harry G. Winkler from Janice A. Schrock, property in Brothersvalley Township, $10,000.

Terry Lee Senft Jr. from Donna Lee Brant, property in Lincoln Township, $112,000.

Justin Robert Thomas from John P. Konieczny, property in Conemaugh Township, $14,000.

Jessica M. Debias from Robert J. Verostick Jr., property in Paint Borough, $53,000.

Jerry A. Martz from Larry H. Stahl, property in Somerset Borough, $79,500.

Joseph Gallagher from Thomas J. Beppler, property in Ogle Township, $33,000.

John J. Cook from John Casper III, property in Shade Township, $120,000.

John A. Naret from Paul B. Airhart, property in Jefferson Township, $145,000.

Judy L. Bailey from Pete Chipelock, property in Brothersvalley Township, $14,000.

Robert D. Horner from Debra K. Chaves, property in Conemaugh Township, $22,500.

Tracey L. Zimmerman from Kelly L. Karl, property in Central City, $32,000.

Sandra M. Mulcahy from Margaret A. Province, property in Windber Borough, $95,000.

Cassie D. Simmons from Dorothy L. Leech, property in Conemaugh Township, $79,500.

James A. Kotch from Ramblin’ Hills Ltd. Partners, property in Paint Township, $42,000.

David A. Carroll from James C. O’Bryon, property in Addison Township, $70,000.

Drew B. Hittie from Roy E. Hemminger, property in Somerset Township, $48,500.

Vaughn Hollick from Carolyn M. Harmon, property in Lincoln Township, $140,000.

Lawrence Honig from Jacklyn Wagner, property in Middlecreek Township, $363,000.

Ida I. Yoder from Anna Jeanette Yoder, property in Elk Lick Township, $125,000.

Thomas S. Zimmerman from Heritage Baptist Church, property in Somerset Township, $71,300.

Barry W. Mosholder from Mary M. Brant, property in Somerset Borough, $65,000.

Sherry L. Weaver from Ronald L. Maga, property in Shade Township, $26,000.

Stanwin P. Thomas from Martha Thomas, property in Conemaugh Township, $95,000.

Stacey M. Ludden from Jack E. O’Baker, property in Somerset Borough, $90,000.

Kevin D. Sleasman from Mark J. Sleasman, property in Berlin Borough, $21,391.74.

Bruce E. Rhodes from Daniel R. Judy, property in Somerset Borough, $128,000.

Matthew J. Barnhart from Robert T. Snyder, property in Quemahoning Township, $70,000.

Shannon L. Hause from Justin R. Morris, property in Somerset Township, $104,000.

Michael T. Ashbrook from Deborah L. Arden, property in Berlin Borough, $14,900.

Dwight D. Woy from Jean T. Shaffer, property in Lincoln Township, $72,000.

Vishnu Polagani from Gary L. Schmidt, property in Somerset Township, $445,000.

Indian Valley Developers from Reda M. Hoffman, property in Paint Township, $78,000.

Barbara Lincoln from Edward L. Christensen, property in Confluence Borough, $120,000.

John W. Jenny from Todd W. Pritts, property in Upper Turkeyfoot Township, $24,250.

Robert B. Keim from Helen A. Zeigler, property in Windber Borough, $53,250.

Bryan I. Bain from Kurt D. Tipton, property in Rockwood Borough, $93,000.

Randy L. Boden from Helen M. Saylor, property in Northampton Township, $24,000.

Evelyn K. Supinger from Donald E. Speigle, property in Jenner Township, $94,000.

Somerset County General Authority from Robert F. Page, property in Somerset Borough, $130,000.

Philson D. Hinebaugh from Richard A. Mostoller, property in Somerset Township, $59,000.

Peter C. Buss from Scott F. Bastian, property in Jefferson Township, $75,000.

Sean M. Cook from David L. Beaumont, property in Lincoln Township, $147,500.

LCT Energy from Robindale Energy, property in Shade Township, $260,638.01.

Justin R. Morris from Derrick Baurer, property in Somerset Township, $195,775.

Paul W. Nicholson from Marion K. Nicholson, property in Conemaugh Township, $120,000.

Richard C. Lamca from David G. Bonus, property in Central City Borough, $10,000.

John W. Titus from Melissa M. Leggett, property in Middlecreek Township, $152,000.

Big Savage from Everpower Land Management, property in Southampton Township, $163,219.

Stanley L. Schrock from Mark A. Martz, property in Somerset Borough, $172,000.

Devin M. Beers from James L. Wallace Jr., property in Conemaugh Township, $161,500.

Brian E. Stair from Robert E. Landis, property in Brothersvalley Township, $75,000.

Daniel C. Ealters from John E. Frohman, property in Indian Lake Borough, $235,000.

Gregory Berkebile from Shawn P. Beam, property in Somerset Township, $161,000.

David L. Bowman from Faye M. Martin, property in Somerset Borough, $114,000.

Paula J. Kline from Jessica J. Custer, property in Shade Township, $25,000.

Louis J. Serafini from Stanley L. Schrock, property in Somerset Borough, $250,000.

Clayton Allen from Margaret E. Decker, property in Garrett Borough, $45,000.

Lands of Somerset from Michael D. Baker, property in Brothersvalley Township, $345,000.

Gregory D. Wingard from James Michael Tiffany, property in Paint Township, $25,000.

Wilson Creek Energy from MF Lane Co. Inc., property in Jenner Township, $10,274.09.

Wilson Creek Energy from MF Lane Co. Inc., property in Jenner Township, $29,043.06.

Terry L. Miller from Richard P. Molchan, property in Benson Borough, $40,000.

Daniel G. Ashcom from Paul Lucas, property in Conemaugh Township, $42,000.

Karl H. Kist from John J. Walters Jr., property in New Baltimore Borough, $67,000.

Allen E. Custer from Lance B. Hoppert, property in Berlin Borough, $135,000.

Curtis N. Morgese from Zubeck Inc., property in Shade Township, $112,000.

Robert L. Gindlesperger Jr. from William Ellis, property in Brothersvalley Township, $154,000.

Cartus Financial from Brian M. Thomas, property in Somerset Township, $310,000.

Richard W. Mulhollen from Cartus Financial, property in Somerset Township, $310,000.

Debrah A. Coughlin from Richard A. White, property in Wellersburg Township, $50,543.50.

Timothy C. Collins from Eric E. Harodetsky, property in Shade Township, $47,000.

Michael T. Bittner from Ernest L. Krause, property in Jenner Township, $76,500.

Eric A. Morocco from Alisa Mosholder, property in Somerset Township, $202,800.

James B. Phelps from Glenn F. Miller, property in Greenville Township, $36,000.

Timothy S. Spisak from Bonnie M. Fleegle, property in Paint Township, $10,000.

CSX Transportation from Walter R. Klein, property in Somerset Township, $22,000.

Alexander H. White from Loretta S. Shipley, property in Milford Township, $45,000.

David W. Enos from Robert W. Hayman Jr., property in Rockwood Borough, $52,900.

Joshua David Shaulis from Leann Fogle, property in Brothersvalley Township, $94,850.

Joseph V. Furman from Vernon G. Henry, property in Conemaugh Township, $325,000.

Barry W. Mosholder from Hazel R. McLaney, property in Somerset Borough, $75,000.

Phillip S. Lenhart from Raymond J. Piskula, property in Middlecreek Township, $273,000.

Mary Rihn from Carl W. Samler, property in Middlecreek Township, $120,000.

Carl Purbaugh Jr. from Robert M. Hay, property in Casselman Borough, $15,000.

Bradley A. Ankney from Kevin Ankney, property in Jefferson Township, $81,596.93.

Scott Bernard Yagodich from Kenneth W. Sokol, property in Shade Township, $16,000.

Melinda J. Romesberg from Arn C. Engleka, property in Somerset Borough, $66,000.

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