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January 22, 2012

Readers' Forum 1-22 | Shade group shared its Christmas spirit

Submitted by Readers

— I am a member of the Cairnbrook Community Club in Shade Township and also its board of directors. I would like to acknowledge their help in assisting a local family over the holiday season.

A mother who had no money to buy gifts and who was struggling to heat her home was given a very generous gift to assure for her family a very merry Christmas and help with heating their home.

I want to thank the board and the other members of the club for their generosity and continued patronage, which helps keep us up and running.

Because of your kindness, there were many smiling faces in a local home on Christmas morning.

May God bless you all in the new year.

Patty Fela

Central City

When buying a puppy, do your homework

During the holidays, members of my extended family purchased a puppy through a breeder’s advertisement that guaranteed the health of its puppies.

Long story short, this puppy was diagnosed with and died from parvovirus within one week of bringing it to its new home.

If this were the end of the story, it would be sad enough. But it doesn’t end there.

Within a week of the death of the newly adopted puppy with parvo, another young canine family member visiting during the holidays also was diagnosed with parvo and also died. Please keep in mind that the second puppy was a healthy, playful family member before she came in contact with the “health guaranteed” puppy.

In conclusion: If you are in the market for a puppy, don’t believe everything you read. You will want to do research before bringing a puppy into your household, not only to avoid the heartache of losing that puppy, but also to protect any canine (especially those younger than 1 year old) already in the household.

Ask the seller for references or names and phone numbers of people who bought from them, and then call those people.

Also, if you do decide to purchase the puppy, take it to a veterinarian to ensure its good health before exposing other canine family members.

Do it for your family.

Evelyn Walat


Beware of whom you consider a role model

I am concerned how people such as former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky can obtain high positions and become role models. It’s a tragedy that such people can fool trusting individuals.

I had a similar incident while I was considering joining a church. After speaking with former parishioners of the church, I found out that the pastor had numerous criminal charges filed against him, and that there were rumors that he was a drug addict, still buying and smoking crack.

I was appalled at how a person of this nature could act as a role model and preach on Sundays as he was doing nothing wrong. I am now very skeptical as to whom I can trust.

Sure, everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

If the rumor had come from just one person, I wouldn’t have believed it.

But it has come from numerous people.

Beware of whom you trust.

DeeAnn Sanderson


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