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January 8, 2014

Readers' Forum 1-8 | Change is inevitable; to fight it is foolish

JOHNSTOWN — In Houston, rolling down Main Street with the stereo pumping out that thick Texas sound of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s “Pride and Joy,” I think, Thank God I’m an American. Curiously, walking along Broadway in Manhattan, entering SoHo, now marching to the beat of Lou Reed, I have the same thought – Thank God I’m an American.

I’m led to wonder what it is in such cultural diversities that evokes the same emotion. I find the answer in the vitality I see surrounding me, fed by unfettered, life-sustaining commerce. It’s not mom and apple pie that binds us from sea to shining sea, it’s Levi’s, café lattes, Banana Republic and the almighty pizza.

And then I return to the tender embrace of Johnstown’s West Hills, where I see the attempts by seasoned and serious business types (CVS, et al) to exercise the muscles of free enterprise only to be hobbled by puzzling and sophistic efforts to maintain the status quo. What is left to maintain?

Once dry land emerged from the mists surrounding Manhattan Island, English explorer Henry Hudson engaged the locals in trade, setting us on a tack that has carried us, over the centuries, through good times and bad. Yet many Hilltoppers act as if our condition spontaneously took form from the ether.

I’ve been told by more than one “newcomer” to Johnstown that loathing change is characteristic of what is termed the “Johnstown mentality.” This might be true, but it is also foolish and, well ... un-American.

R.G. Sapolich


Trying to play the sympathy card

Don’t you just love it when politicians say they don’t like to raise taxes right after they raise our taxes the way the Somerset County commissioners did?

Speaking of Somerset, now that the light at Route 31 and Plank Road is completely screwed up, there is still the last light westbound on Route 31. It still works correctly. Please correct this oversight.

I just watched a video about gun registration and confiscation in Canada. By now, most of us know who and what President Obama is. Does anyone doubt for a second that we are headed for the same? Everything that made America great is pretty much gone now, so the only thing left for a complete communist takeover is to disarm the American people.

Obama will try, and it remains to be seen how many of us will resist with our last breath and who the military will side with, us or them. It will indeed be interesting to watch.

Don’t you also love it when a bunch of global warming bozos take a boat to the Antarctic and get stuck in the ice. Where is Al Gore when we need him?

OK, I’m through griping for this month, but I’m sure there will be plenty to gripe about next month, and the month after that, until we kick all the liberals out of government.

Hey, it could happen.

Chuck Cordoro


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