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October 6, 2012

Readers' Forum 10-6 | Obama has halted the nation’s free fall

— In response to Dr. J. Michael Moses’ letter of Oct. 1 (“Obama’s record speaks volumes”):  He throws stats at us that would lead us to believe President Obama created this mess.

Four years ago, we were in a free fall. Steadily, we have been gaining jobs through the recovery. The stock market is healthy after tanking in 2008, when gas prices were $4 a gallon.

By electing Mitt Romney, the “temporary” Bush tax cuts for the wealthy would stay in place while the rest of us pay for them. We have seen how well they have worked for us since being implemented in 2000.

During a recent deadly attack in the Mideast, we saw Obama’s measured response, as opposed to the extreme approach of Romney. 

Romney’s actions illustrate a campaign strategy in which no tragedy is too great to exploit if it will energize the base.

The Republican Party, in a plan hatched by (U.S. Sen.) Mitch McConnell on the night of the president’s inauguration, vowed Obama would be a one-term president – basically, it was “made to fail” as the Republican Party’s No. 1 goal.

The fact Republicans would sacrifice the good of their country for their own party’s gains is reprehensible. It disgusts me that any party claiming to represent the country can be so dedicated to the failure of one person and that they would thwart anything that would allow him to be labeled a success. 

The opposite of patriotism – no matter what they say.

Marie Smith


What happened to Dem Party of ’60s?

Never have I seen a federal government as far left as this one. How did we get here? This is definitely not the Democratic Party of the 1960s. They trample on the Constitution that they’ve sworn to uphold, while ignoring the will of the American people and eroding the moral foundation of this great nation.

They are printing and spending money at an unsustainable record pace, and are incurring massive debt on future generations.

What ever happened to common sense?

Domestic and foreign policies are a mess. It’s hard for voters to know what’s really going on because the mainstream media have too cozy a relationship with those in power. Where can we get the truth?

This administration and its unconstitutional czars have created an overregulated, anti-business climate that is costing us massive amounts of jobs.

We need statesmen, not politicians, to lead this country. Freedom is something people die for, and is too precious to trade for unsustainable government dependency.

America has come to a fork in the road. Pray that we choose the right path, because it will affect us for generations to come.

It’s a dangerous world. What kind of America do you want to live in? This election is too important to ignore. It may be the most important election of our lives.

Do your part; get out and vote to save this great country. Do it for the sake of yourself, your children and grandchildren.

Dave Vella


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