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October 10, 2012

Readers' Forum 10-10 | America can do better than Obama

Submitted by Readers

— Some Tribune-Democrat readers have written to declare things are improving under President Obama. On what basis? The metrics indicate the opposite:

* Unemployment over 8 percent for the longest period in U.S. history.

* 23 million people unemployed, underemployed or have given up looking – a national disgrace.

* $5.5 trillion in new debt in less than four years, an unprecedented 51 percent increase.

* More people going on Social Security disability than have gotten jobs.

* Middle-class income declined 8 percent.

* Soaring grocery and gasoline prices.

A health-care disaster that has given us the “free lunch” parts. In 2013, when the check arrives, we will see huge new taxes and fees, which will fall on the middle class. Companies are laying off people in anticipation of these new taxes.

And Obamacare violates the American Cancer Society’s guidelines on women’s breast health care.

For the first time in American history we are experiencing religious oppression. Obama is forcing the Catholic church to pay for birth control and abortifacients against its religious teachings.

Starting next year, Americans will be forced to pay for abortions through their health-care premiums. More than 50 percent believe abortion is wrong.

In foreign policy, Obama is covering up the deaths of an American ambassador and three others on American soil, characterizing it as a “bump in the road.” Not to mention a resurgent al-Qaida under his watch.

Many presidents have inherited bad economies and turned them around. Apparently this president doesn’t know how. We can do better.

Tom O’Toole


Writer capable of forming own opinions

I have to commend Publisher Robin Quillon on his column (“Religious bigots aggravate grueling campaign season”). I couldn’t have expressed this as well. Those are my thoughts exactly.

I am sick to death of reading the Readers’ Forum, only to find these bigoted letters. Of course, Fox News and educational is an oxymoron. It is too bad that the only qualification for election to office is to be anti-abortion and anti-gays. Those are really big issues in this society.

A letter recently (I don’t remember who wrote it) wanting to know about caring for all these pregnancies without welfare and public help was right on. Sometimes I think that these religious fanatics are salving their own consciences.

They should write a book instead of every 30 days to the Readers’ Forum. But then again, only one opinion and one topic would make for dull reading.

I don’t need anyone telling me who to vote for and who not to vote for. I am intelligent enough to make up my own mind. No Fox News for me.

Doris Layton


Don’t shed tears for PBS, Big Bird

I find it funny that out of all the topics that were debated Oct. 3, the only comment that Democrats can complain about is Romney cutting PBS funding.

I saw a picture of Big Bird holding a sign, “Will work for food.” Are you kidding me? Doesn’t everyone know that Sesame Street is a multibillion-dollar franchise?

I’m sure the Democrats know that. They get contributions from PBS.

Please don’t get me wrong. Sesame Street and the other programs on PBS are very good educational shows for children. All I’m saying is that PBS makes enough money from selling the rights to the name to hold its own.

For example, look at the NFL. It makes billions of dollars from selling rights of football teams. The merchandisers then stamp that name on shirts, coats, hats, mud flaps, pencils, pens, etc.

Because the tag says certified NFL merchandise, we the consumer will pay an arm and a leg for it. The NFL doesn’t ask for subsidies.

Can somebody please tell me how much the CEO of PBS makes a year? I’m thinking he doesn’t work for free.

So this Christmas, when you’re scrambling to find a Tickle Me Elmo because there aren’t any on the shelves, remember how much one costs and how many millions are produced. Then try crying about Big Bird being unemployed.

Earl Lamison


Purge government of career politicians

Can anyone tell me what Sen. John Wozniak has done for the 35th district in the past 16 years, other than making himself wealthy with our tax dollars?

I can never understand why the district keeps re-electing this man.

He’s set for life, voting himself a $72,000 per year pension with benefits. The man hit the lottery, compliments of the taxpayers. Also $37,826 in per diem charges (2010) and a state auto allowance of $700 per month.

Maybe he can point out any great decisions he has made for the area or jobs he has brought without thinking of himself first.

Oh, I forgot, he did change the motorcycle helmet law and now we have an increase in motorcycle accidents with deaths. Good call, senator!

We are at a critical crossroads in our country and state and it’s time to purge ourselves of the career politicians who have never seen what it’s like to be unemployed and not have health insurance. Does it matter to him? No.  

Mary Kitcho-Fedash

Richland Township


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