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January 2, 2014

Readers' Forum 1-2 | Join together to make dreams a reality

JOHNSTOWN — I am often amazed at the number of New Year’s declarations that jump into the lake of eternal forgetfulness the very second our New Year calendars turn from No. 1 to No. 2.

Certainly, I am guilty of letting a New Year’s resolution or two fall to the wayside when I realize reality was never really prepared to meet up with my lofty aspirations.

That is human nature, I guess. And, I am far from alone. Yet, we dream.

But, the larger, collective dreams, for example: world peace, freedom of shared energy, food for the hungry, hope for the hopeless, a general concern for the environment and genuine concern for human brotherhood – should never be surrendered with the haste we tend to bring them each year. These aspirations should be a daily focus, unrelenting and unyielding. A dream is just a seed that needs nurturing.

This tiny planet that we share is only a micro-dot in the cosmos. I recently heard a retired astronaut claim that no human being would ever agree to war, if they saw our fragile home from the vantage of space.

Have a happy new year.

Join together every day to make our world a better place and address our collective dreams?

There’s really no good excuse not to.

Gerald Yahner


Prices rise, but not cost of living

Isn’t it nice that the congressmen and senators can sit on their fat wallets and say that it would cost too much to extend unemployment benefits. Yet, we can send millions to other countries and let the citizens of America lose everything they have worked for.

It infuriates me that there was no extension passed for unemployment for those out of work, who have been trying in vain to find a job to keep their heads above water.

How can you people sleep at night? Even those of us, who are on Social Security, only got a small raise this year, because the cost of living hasn’t gone up.

Do our representatives have their heads in the sand? As I see it, everything has gone up in price – food, utilities, heating fuel and gas. When are you going to stick up for the people who elected you to office? I hope everyone votes against everyone who is in office now come next election.

Donna Black


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