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January 5, 2014

Readers' Forum 1-5 | Pets more protected than unborn babies

JOHNSTOWN — During this Christmas season, we’ve seen two disturbing things take place, and it’s become apparent that, as a society, we may be beyond help. In a God-fearing country, Christmas is a time in which we celebrate the most miraculous birth known to mankind.

At least that should be the reason we celebrate Christmas.

In this forum recently, we’ve seen several letters reminding us that pets need to be remembered and to keep them warm.

While not downplaying any animal abuse, of which there is plenty, there was not one mention of the unborn children who would have appreciated their first Christmas being warm, also.

We all know the numbers of unborn being killed each day, but barely an eyebrow is raised over it. It’s despicable to think that animals rank ahead of the unborn as a protected group.

Another appalling event took place when politicians of both parties signed a budget deal in which our men and women in uniform took it over the head once again. These brave people who protect us every day and give life and limb so that we have the freedoms we cherish got their benefits and pensions cut after a 1 percent pay raise, all in the name of cost savings.

The pay and benefits our politicians collect should be going to the people actually doing something to protect us.

The unborn and servicemen and women have now been identified as a sub-class in our society with barely a yawn when mentioned. As God-fearing people, are we beyond help?

Marvin R. Gindlesperger


Not all nursing homes are the same

The elderly need to be very careful of which nursing home or personal care home they choose.

I’ve visited a few. Potential residents should check out the help and shouldn’t  be afraid to talk to residents in private – away from management, because the residents may fear management.

One home I visited is operated by a man who thinks he’s a dictator. It’s the money, not the patients, that he cares about. One resident was paying $800 a month. The owner now says he wants $1,300 a month.

The owners told the resident that he only needs $85 a month to live on. Can you imagine living on $85 in a nursing home? It’s almost impossible if you’re mobile.

Just be careful when choosing a place to live. Johnstown doesn’t have the best, or the only, nursing homes in the area. Look around and do your research.

Joe Morris


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