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January 7, 2014

Readers' Forum 1-7 | Media's bias toward Obama

JOHNSTOWN — The national news media is the water carrier for the Democratic Party and, in neglecting its duty of an unbiased free press, is doing America great harm.

Recently, we have seen it shamelessly protecting its hand-picked president over and over.

The Benghazi, Libya, scandal occurred over a year ago, and President Obama vowed to prosecute those responsible. To date, no one has been prosecuted, and we have no access to any of the witnesses.

Since then, Obama prefers to call it a phony scandal. Tell that to the families who buried their love ones after the U.S. embassy was brutally attacked.

Questions that the media should have been asking scream for answers. It is the least that should have been done for those who gave their lives at the embassy. For example:

-- Who made up the administration’s story that it was caused by an anti-Islamic video that no one has ever seen?

-- Who gave the orders to stand down and not send help to our ambassador, Chris Stevens, and three other individuals who were killed?

-- Why was no extra security ordered when emails show that the embassy, one month earlier, pleaded for extra protection?

-- Did we request help from any of our allies?

If this was George Bush, these questions would have been asked over and over mercilessly, as well they should. The lack of curiosity by our news media on this and other Obama scandals is deafening and its political bias is frightening.

Bob Bonini

Upper Yoder Township

Obama’s legacy is unflattering

When Barack Obama was running for president, I remember his supporters touting his intelligence and Ivy League education. No transcript has ever appeared to back up that claim, so we can only judge that claim by his actions.

It always scares me when people who think they are smart are given an opportunity to show their intelligence. In 1956, Congress passed a law and President Eisenhower signed it making “In God We Trust” the official motto of the United States. It’s a law that Obama has pushed aside because, several times, he has stated that “e pluribus unum” is the motto of our country. Wrong, arrogant and dumb.

An old saying states, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Obama is destroying the best medical system in the world and, along with it, the economy of the United States. His lies are public statements made to get his Marxist plan stuffed down the throats of many Americans who were satisfied with their health care plans.

The legacy of this genius will read as follows: ruined the National Day of Prayer for Christians; allowed men to marry men and women to marry women; allowed to make it easier for women to murder their unborn children; tried to ruin one of the most vital energy industries in the nation by putting absurd regulations on the coal industry; legalized (adopted) over 10 million illegal aliens to our country; made a mockery of the entire Middle East powder keg that will explode very soon.

The Rev. Tony Joseph

Richland Township


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