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December 2, 2013

Readers' Forum 12-2 | Catholics not forced to do anything

JOHNSTOWN — When I read the letter in the Readers’ Forum on Nov. 24 by the Rev. Leo F. Arnone, “Judeo-Christians must not compromise,” it reminds me once again why I no longer call myself Catholic.

Catholics disapprove of gay marriages.

Catholics cannot divorce. If they divorce and marry again, they would be committing adultery. The Bible clearly states this in Mark 10:11-12.

Catholics do not practice birth control.

Catholics do not have abortions no matter what the circumstances.

I can quote with accuracy Scripture that support these Catholic beliefs.

But, Arnone’s complaint is not just toward Catholics who compromise – he’s also mad at our government. So, I have to ask: When has our government ever forced a Catholic – or anyone, for that matter – to have an abortion, practice birth control, get a divorce or live a gay lifestyle?

And furthermore, when has the government ever asked his church, or any church, for money?

Is it Arnone’s thinking that the government should follow only the strong beliefs of Catholicism? Christians, or any religion, should not be asking the government to make their doctrine the law for everyone. And don’t even tell me that this country was founded on Christianity. Just ask the American Indians how they feel about us self-righteous Christians.

There are many great Scripture lessons in the Bible we can all learn from. Love God, love your neighbor, be greatful and thankful. Let’s not use the Bible as a weapon to judge and hurt but as a guide to love and heal.

Tina Blough


Obamacare similar to Ponzi scheme

The Tribune-Democrat continues the Obamacare lie. The two-part series on the Affordable Care Act was so full of false statements, where to start? Let’s start with the facts. Simple math proves that you cannot significantly increase the required coverage, add 30 million people to the health care rolls and expect costs to go down.

Obamacare is the greatest Ponzi, wealth-redistribution scheme since Social Security. It depends on the young to pay for the old and sick when there is no incentive for the young to sign up – pay thousands of dollars a year for Obamacare or pay a $95 penalty, if you have a tax refund and still have coverage. What do you think their choice will be?

Obamacare was designed to fail and, through failure, the health insurance industry is destroyed and Obama and his socialist allies get single-payer, government-controlled health care.

Managed care through insurance companies representing the market-driven approach to control costs is another lie. Health care is a federal- and state-controlled market. They set the standards for coverage that insurance companies must follow. For example, San Francisco requires health insurance companies to provide coverage for sex-change operations. The cost increases for this requirement is paid for by all policyholders.  

Another example: Look at the size of the staff in your doctor’s office – a 3-1 ratio of administration staff to medical staff.  

Obamacare robbed Medicare of $500 billion and increased taxes on everyone by another $500 billion to pay for Obamacare.

Tim Di Guiseppe


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