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October 4, 2012

Readers' Forum 10-4 | Tomahawks offer quality, spirited hockey

Submitted by Readers

— This is a special bad news-good news letter for my fellow Johnstown Chiefs fans.

The bad news – we lost our Chiefs.

The good news – we have the Tomahawks.

I attended both games this past weekend. I was impressed with the quality of play, the aggressive style of play, the speed of the game and the never-give-up attitude of these young men. They truly represent the fighting spirit of this community.

They are everything a die-hard Chiefs fan could hope for. I’m a season ticket holder and I’m glad I decided to buy the tickets. I wasn’t disappointed.

If you were unable to attend a game this past weekend, try to attend one as soon as possible.

You won’t be disappointed.

In the words of a prominent local automotive dealership – Don’t miss this one.

Jim Edwards Sr.

Former president, Johnstown Chiefs

Place the blame where it belongs

During the past four years, America has gone downhill. The federal government is out of control.

What is wrong and who is to blame?

Here is the situation as I see it.

The national debt has gone from $10 trillion to $16 trillion. Blame President Obama.

Unemployment stays around 8 percent. Blame Obama.

The Keystone pipeline was stopped. It would have provided jobs. Blame Obama.

About $713 billion was taken from Medicare to pay for Obamacare. Blame Obama.

About $700 billion will be cut from Medicare payments to hospitals and drug companies. They will make up for this by refusing Medicare patients. Blame Obama.

Four American citizens were killed by Muslim terrorists in Libya and there was no ultimatum or threat from our government. Our president kowtows to Muslims. Blame Obama.

Our government supports abortion and same-sex unions. Blame Obama.

The administration is filled with czars who were appointed by the president without Senate approval. Blame Obama.

The Environmental Protection Agency wants to destroy the coal industry and close coal-fired generation plants. This would lead to high electric costs and the loss of thousands of jobs. Blame Obama.

There are plans for a secret missile deal with Russia. Blame Obama.

Obamacare includes a new tax, but the president lied and said it was not a tax. The Supreme Court said it was. Blame Obama.

Two anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment justices were appointed to the Supreme Court. Blame Obama.

Four years ago, Americans made one big mistake. Don’t be fooled again. Throw Obama out.

Bill Gallus

Richland Township

Despite riches, Mitt can’t buy presidency

A very entertaining ad for President Obama by Samuel L. Jackson is out. The ad is a parody on “The Night Before Christmas” poem. My favorite line is “Obama sent the SEALs after bin Laden – “Romney sent our jobs overseas.”

Another favorite is “Wake up, your lives will be affected – Romney will gut Medicare, if he is elected.”

On a related subject, Mitt Romney recently released his 2011 tax returns. He’s been saying that he has always paid at least 13 percent. However, this return showed $4 million in charitable deductions, which would put him at just a 9 percent rate. So he’s claiming only $2 million, raising his rate to 14 percent.

However, the kicker is that the day after the election he can simply submit an amended return, claiming the full $4 million, thus reducing his rate again to just 9 percent.

Also, if elected, Romney says that he will reduce his tax rate and millionaires like him to under 1 percent.

Just what underhanded methods did Romney use the previous 10 years that he refuses to release?

As the polls indicate, most people are seeing that Romney is just out for himself.

He has the money to buy anything he wants.

He even thought that he could buy the presidency. But he’s beginning to realize that it’s not going to happen.

Chris Miller


Hilltop move questioned, director responds                                                                             I attended the Westmont Hilltop school board meeting on Sept. 10. An item on the agenda was to appoint a new member to fill a recent vacancy caused by the resignation of a board member.

There were five candidates, all of whom were asked what they would do about people who say we should not raise taxes.

Three candidates who have attended many previous meetings responded that they would look at ways to reduce costs from within. They also indicated they had been volunteers in the Westmont schools.

After the final candidate had been interviewed, it became rather obvious to the audience who the board’s choice would be – even before a vote was rendered.

The decision was a five-to-three vote for a new member who has not been in attendance at board meetings and had no previous involvement with the Westmont district.

The person appointed, Daniel Hill, is a partner in the Silverman, Tokarsky and Forman law firm. Something (board member Phyllis) Forman did not disclose to the citizens attending the meeting.

One year without raising taxes was all the board would do. So get ready for a nice tax increase.

James Larkin


Director: Appointee is not my law partner

The Pennsylvania School Boards Association’s Code of Conduct states, in pertinent part:

1. Board members should work together in … harmony, respect and cooperation, despite differences of opinion.

2. …Decisions should be based upon … sufficient facts, we should vote our honest conviction without partisan bias … and uphold the majority decision of the board.

3. We will not use our positions as school directors to benefit ourselves, any individual or agency.

As an attorney practicing law for more than 25 years, I, as I’m sure all members of our board, take this code seriously.

Recently, WHSD board members were entrusted with the obligation of filling a vacancy. Prior to the meeting, interested candidates submitted letters and resumes of qualifications, of which every board member had an opportunity to review.

Daniel Hill’s submission was on letterhead of a firm that bears my name, although I am no longer a partner and have never been a partner of his. (It is not uncommon for firms to retain the name of a founding member after they have divested from the partnership.)

After publicly interviewing candidates, the board, in a majority decision, voted to elect Daniel Hill.  

The future welfare of the Westmont community depends upon the quality of education and opportunities we provide in our public schools.

I believe that in its recent decision, the board upheld its obligation to the community.  

I can only hope that the community will uphold its obligation to today’s children, as it did for their children before.

Phyllis Forman


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