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September 12, 2013

Readers' Forum 9/12 | Toomey backs family farmers

JOHNSTOWN — Agriculture is Pennsylvania’s No. 1 industry and Sen. Pat Toomey has taken a strong stance for family farmers and businesses facing stringent federal regulations in the state.

Family farmers have faced many burdensome regulations recently. The transportation department wanted to force farm vehicle operators to comply with the same burdensome reporting rules that apply to long-haul truckers. Compliance for most farmers would have been nearly impossible. Toomey took the lead on this issue. His bipartisan amendment to the 2012 Highway Bill addressed these regulations. He also continues to advocate for family farmers facing excessive new EPA regulations concerning the Chesapeake Bay watershed, pesticide permits and dust. Yes, I said dust.

Farmers are active environmentalists, not environmental activists. We care for and protect the land and water where we live and raise our families. Toomey understands this.

“Factory farm” and “corporate farm” have a desired, negative meaning by those that use these terms. The fact is that 98 percent of the farms in this country are family owned and controlled.

My brothers and I are proud to be the sixth generation family farmers and I want to thank Toomey for his leadership.

 We don’t often hear of the “little” guy having a strong voice on Capitol Hill. Toomey has been that successful and strong voice.

Martin Yahner

Yahner Bros. Farms, Patton

President not helping anyone but himself

I grew up in the 1960s, I remember John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson and I always thought the president  watched out for interest of the people.

I’m a Republican and always will be, because the Democrat party is ruled by liberal self-interest groups, anti-religious and atheist groups. I live in a community run by Democrats. It’s not the people it’s their leaders I have a problem with, which includes the current administration.

This administration is led by a corrupt individual, who, being the first African-American in the Oval Office, has done but purposely damaged the economy and showed himself to be morally corrupt. He refuses to do his job to protect the borders or even help other African-Americans, but exploits them for their vote.

Conservative Democrats are stuck because they want to support their party but not some of things it now stands for. Obama is not a leader but a follower of the liberal left. Bombing Syria is only him pretending to be a leader, but there is not much thought behind it.

Ron Marol


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