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July 1, 2013

Readers' Forum 7-1 | Lack of playing time violated Lantzy spirit

Submitted by Readers

— It has been two weeks since we attended the Ken Lantzy Finest 40 All-Star Football Game in Johnstown. We were hoping that time would change our viewpoint of that game, but it hasn’t.

We drove three hours to attend an ALL-STAR GAME and not a SOME-STAR game!

Every player was selected to participate because they could all contribute. However, one North player had a single play in the first half, then an additional 10 plays at the end of the fourth quarter.

We sponsored that player, assuming he was getting relatively equal playing time. We also assumed that an ALL-STAR receiver would be thrown to. It never happened. It was disheartening to his sponsors.

Even with the North up by 30-plus points, he didn’t get in until the last five minutes of the game. Were the coaches that caught up in a blow-out? Or was the intent to slight specific players?

We believe the coaches did a disservice to the spirit of the Lantzy organization, their team and the fans by being so blatant about who they played and who they excluded.

Pete and Kay Larme


On climate, U.S. must lead rather than follow

I was thrilled to hear President Obama on June 25 lay out his plan to fight climate disruption. As a mother of a young daughter, I fear for her future if we continue to do nothing about the pollution that is warming our planet and adding energy to storms.

Pennsylvania is already beginning to suffer the effects of the carbon pollution we’ve been pumping into the atmosphere for the past century.

We’ve had 13 major disaster declarations in just 10 years from severe storms, including Hurricanes Irene and Sandy and Tropical Storm Lee, which have taken lives and have cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

This is just the beginning, and if we don’t act now, we’ll continue to see more extreme weather, more poor air-quality days and asthma attacks, prolonged allergy seasons, and increases in tropical diseases that will begin to thrive in our warmed climate. But it is not too late to act.

Critics claim that it is too expensive to reduce climate pollution, but it will be much more expensive, and cause far more suffering, if we do nothing. In addition, converting to cleaner energy and efficiency is already supplying many good, family-supporting jobs in Cambria and Somerset counties, and wind power is helping to boost the tax base of rural townships and school districts.

Clean energy is only getting cheaper, while fossil fuels are getting more expensive. The United States has always taken a leadership role on many important issues, and there is no more critical issue than the future of our planet. The world is moving toward wind and solar, and it is past time for us to lead rather than follow.

Christine Dahlin


Abortion bill filibuster shows badly on nation

I am no longer amazed or astonished at the events that go on in this country, but still saddened nonetheless.

The Texas abortion bill filibuster show that was put on by state Sen. Wendy Davis is one of those events. How can a crowd and political party get so excited and worked up over abortion, rhetorical of course? I mean, it is the death of a baby, or at least in others’ minds is something!

I wish we could get excited about ending this tragedy, more than continuing it.

Alas, the nation slips away and we are excited about abortion. How sickening.

Joseph Muscatello


It’s time we follow Earth’s owner’s manual

The Bible is the owner’s manual for planet Earth. It is inspired by God, creator of the heavens and the universe. So our ignorance of His inspired Word is not Gods’ fault. We have no excuse when it comes to issues such as marriage.

If you turn to Genesis, it tells you that God made a man and then He made a women and blessed them. This was the first marriage. He told them to be fruitful and multiply.

Marriage is God-ordained and it is between one man and one women. Why are our courts and our government overturning God’s plan for humankind? Especially when it comes to marriage?

How can a gay couple multiply? As you can see, gay marriage is not God’s plan. It’s not about equal rights, it’s about the plan God has for His creation. To be one with God and to have a personal relationship with Him, like it was in the beginning. We need to get back to our roots before it’s too late. Judgment is around the corner.

Randy Knupp


For vendor, wonderful Thunder experience

I would like to thank everyone involved with the convention and visitors bureau and Johnstown Area Heritage Association. My mother and stepfather are owners of Phoenix Tavern in Cambria City and I help out with our food booth for Thunder in the Valley. This year, it seems everyone really went out of their way to help and to promote our local vendors.

Our booth was located inside People Natural Gas Park. What a great venue for local events. I couldn’t count how many out-of-town visitors have told me how lucky we are to have a park like that.

Jeremy Kohan



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