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January 4, 2013

Readers' Forum 1-4 | Lack of respect for life is proliferating

Submitted by Readers

— The senseless shootings, proliferation of legal abortions and the contraceptive mentality so prevalent in our homes are related in a way.

What is the connection to violence and the peace and tranquility of our homes? There is a lack of respect for life, and it is spreading.

When we use contraceptives, we make children the enemy and leave the impression that they are unwanted. When we abort, we kill. The terrible violence in the womb has caught up to the street and the schools and the hardness of our hearts – and the devil is having its day.

The mentality that allows us to do this and that we use to justify their death is “choice” and “reproductive freedom” enshrined in our laws, making it perfectly legal and acceptable to too many.

Abortion and contraception are fruits of the same tree, and if we are going to get to the root of this evil we must look at abortion and the contraceptive mentality as things that are causing an increase in general levels of immorality, fatherless families and other variables that lead to violence.

I’m not saying that if abortion is illegal we won’t have murder, but there is a link between the terrible, unspeakable violence in the womb and the violence in our streets and schools.

We must learn why the sin of contraception and abortion is destroying our soul and our families and helping to precipitate such evil acts that are becoming even more ubiquitous.

Karl Komara



Bad choices made by U.S. government

Our government seems to back the wrong sides in many uprisings around the world. The Shah of Iran was a despotic ruler, but at least Americans were safe there when he was in control and Christians were tolerated.

What has happened since the ayatollahs have taken over has been tragic for the entire world. Moammar Gadhafi in Libya and Hosni Mubarak in Egypt were much better than the Islamic Brotherhood causing chaos in both countries.

Syria is in turmoil because the world, except for Russia, is calling for Syrian President Bashar Assad to step down and turn over the country to radical revolutionaries.

There are thousands of Christians in Syria who will be persecuted beyond our imagination if Assad loses control. The Antiochian Orthodox will suffer greatly if we do not change our philosophy in the Middle East.

All the radical groups will not be satisfied until they get Islamic law as taught by the ayatollahs to be the law for the entire region. Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Sudan and Kuwait should be prepared because one of them is next.

Why do we worry when some sects are persecuted, but we stand by when Christians are attacked? Have we forgotten how the Serbian Orthodox were fighting the Muslims? Did we help them? No. We persecuted the Christians.

When the radicals control the Middle East and gas is $5 a gallon, the next crusades will begin – if it is not too late.

Rev. Tony Joseph 

Richland Township

Tribune-Democrat’s gun stance blasted

Two days after the tragic murder of 20 children and six adults by an armed young man, The Tribune-Democrat featured an editorial about “accidental shootings.” It said in part: “We have never advocated gun control and we aren’t about to start now.” What an idiotic statement. That should be great comfort to the thousands of Americans whose loved ones have been slain by gun nuts.

Logical and sane gun control could include banning assault rifles, automatic handguns with high-capacity magazines, and gun shows where anyone can buy any gun without a background check.

Sadly, we know that The Tribune-Democrat will never exercise logic or sanity when it comes to gun control. Our local newspaper has joined the National Rifle Association and weak-kneed politicians in this vital matter.

Ron Stephenson


Politically correct educational logic

First, we took the paddles away from teachers.

Next, we stripped them of any and all power and/or authority to discipline students.

Then, to complete the cycle, we removed God from our schools.

Now, as a replacement for all three, we’re proposing arming teachers with guns.

Is it just me?

Greg Rager

Lakeland, Fla., formerly of Johnstown

Suggestions to get country back on track

The only way to change the mess in federal, state and local governments is to:

* Insist on term limits (four years).

* Mandate that legislators get the same medical program that we all have.

* Mandate that legislators receive the same Social Security benefits as the rest of us.

All this foolishness has to stop and politicians have to work together to get this country back on track.

Thomas Peterson


We’re off the cliff but going down the drain

Did we get saved from going over the fiscal cliff? Sure we did, but now we are going down the drain, instead. Not a good bill.

To balance a budget and pay off debt, we are all going to have to sacrifice. The poor, the needy, middle class, rich and everyone in between. If we are going to get out of this mess we have created for ourselves, as a country we all have to pitch in.

When you go down the drain, it stinks. Pray that God heals and restores our land as a nation – one nation under God.

Judy Orlando


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