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January 8, 2013

Readers' Forum 1-8 | Weed out deadhead politicians

— We have survived another year by the grace of God, not by the leaders of our country. They should be ashamed of their conduct; collecting their checks for doing nothing for another year.

We were in this mess last year. We have not progressed, we have slid back. It’s time to get rid of the deadheads in Congress. No work, no pay, no pensions, no benefits, no unemployment checks.

People all over the world want to come to America, believing they will get the good life. We live here, and what do we get? We get by while our leaders use loopholes to cover up their money and tax breaks. They get huge salaries, paid benefits and vehicles paid for out of the common man’s taxes.

And an honest man gladly shows his tax return and pays his share.

Our governor wants to outsource our lottery. What’s next, sell Harrisburg to China?

Jean Delusa


Feeling safe, secure if more carried guns

As gun violence within our society becomes more of a problem with each passing day, I would like to propose some ideas to aid in mitigating this distressing situation.

First, teachers and school bus drivers should carry guns. Others who should arm themselves include clergy, firemen, all homeowners and renters, librarians, railroad conductors, public and private bus drivers, nurses in hospitals, bartenders, rangers in state and national parks, cruise line employees, Boy Scout and Girl Scout troop leaders, circus performers, waitresses and cashiers. Also, ushers in movie theaters and sporting events and vendors at county and state fairs.

Thus we can feel safe and secure no matter where we happen to be.

Frank Kovach


Guns are inanimate, people do the killing

In response to Ron Stephenson’s Readers’ Forum letter on Jan. 4, “Tribune-Democrat’s gun stance blasted”: What does Stephenson consider idiotic? Thank God we have the National Rifle Association to protect our Second Amendment rights. I am a proud member.

When are people going to realize that guns don’t kill people, but people kill people? There are a thousand things that can be used to kill, not just a gun. Put your energy into getting prayer back into the schools, getting the Ten Commandments back on the walls or helping those who really need help.

Guess what, Mr. Stephenson? The last time I bought a rifle at a gun show, I sat for over an hour just to get a background check. Guess what? I passed. But don’t ever break into my house. If my dog doesn’t get ya, my gun will.

John Gilliland


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