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January 20, 2013

Readers' Forum 1-20 | Workers should have right to decline shot

— I just read the article in the newspaper about some hospitals forcing their employees to get a flu shot.

These employees should have a right to refuse the flu shots after they see for themselves how the shots can affect some people.

I received a flu shot six years ago and was paralyzed from my neck down with Guillain-Barré syndrome. It was confirmed by my own doctor that it was from the flu shot.

No worker should be forced into having the shot or losing his or her job because of it.

I paid a terrible price for getting the flu shot because I was not able to work for many months.

Pat McCleary


Obama not living up to label of ‘uniter’

President Obama will take the oath of office for his second term using two Bibles, one used by President Lincoln and the other by the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr – two great men who tried to bring a troubled country together and to improve racial situations.

But Obama is doing just the opposite – he is doing nothing to stop the divisiveness and racial discord that has developed in this country. He is not living up to the label of being the great uniter.

My hope of him becoming a great president has passed.

He is not keeping the promises he made when he first ran for president.

I pray that he will honor that political rhetoric during his second term.

Remember, a house divided cannot stand. Please keep all of our politicians in your prayers that they do what is right for the people and not for their own personal gain.

Bob Nagyvathy


Vets should have impunity from arrest

In response to the editorial from the York Dispatch that was published in The Tribune-Democrat on Jan. 14 about raising the fine to $1,000 for a second offense of underage drinking:

I strongly believe that there should be a federal law that would trump all state laws. That law would allow all men and women in the U.S. armed forces, some in wheelchairs from war wounds, to go into a bar or restaurant to have a drink without being arrested.

Many of these brave young Americans are younger than 21, but they are old enough to fight and, some, die for our country.

Wilber Smith

Richland Township

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