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June 28, 2013

Readers' Forum 6-28 | Uncle Sam bullied by little guys

— It’s becoming disconcerting to see just how small the next country will be to tell the United States to go fly a kite. The latest country that now is bold enough is Ecuador. Imagine just where our country is heading when even the smallest of countries around the world are now telling the United States where to go.

President Obama, in his first campaign, told us that he would “fundamentally transform” this country. It looks like we now have a much clearer picture of his dream for the United States. That dream apparently includes a much weaker nation that doesn’t get, or deserve, any respect from even the smallest of countries.

It appears, also, that we are not embarrassed the least by these nose-thumbing countries. It has been very clear that China and Russia haven’t had even the time of day for the United States for some time now – and everyone else is following suit.

The “paper tiger” has no teeth and everyone now knows it.

It’s difficult to stay focused these days on just one area of problems. The killing of our ambassador in Benghazi, the gun running into Mexico, the IRS scandal, the spying on our phone calls and emails, the mistreatment of our returning veterans, the total takeover of our health care system, the coming amnesty of nearly 20 million illegal aliens, the total disrespect from our elected officials. The list goes on and on.

Amazingly though, there seems to be little outrage with these problems.

Marvin R. Gindlesperger


Thunder success measured in $$$

Thunder success?

* Our city sidewalks stained, waiting for Mother Nature to clean them.

* A hospital surrounded by free motorcycle parking while taxpayers such as myself pay to park because, even though my taxes pay for Main Street, I’m not allowed access to it so a sick loved one may get a visit during Thunder.

* An inability to use the yard of the home I own a block from Route 403 because of the constant noise of exhaust pipes cracking.

* Our town’s newspaper with a front-page article making sure we know where and when the wet-T-shirt contest will be held.

* Disorderly conduct and fights referred to as scuffles.

I believe we can set the bar for success a bit higher in our city. So after Mother Nature, the convention and visitors bureau and the city have washed away the remains of our success, I ask: Why do we still have an understaffed police department, blighted homes on every block, potholes everywhere and a poverty level that rivals any city in the nation after such a huge success?

When Johnstowners ask for these problems to be addressed, we’re told we don’t have the money.

Our taxes help the economy of our area, too.

I’m not against the rally, but I’d like to see profit.

Rallies in Daytona Beach, Fla., and Sturgis, S.D., rake it in. We had 200,000 visitors in four days.

Where’s our reward for allowing this success to happen?

Show us the money.

Joseph Warhul


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