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October 6, 2013

Readers' Forum 10-6 | Holding country hostage is wrong action

JOHNSTOWN — Reps. Keith Rothfus and Bill Shuster and Sen. Pat Toomey are blaming the Democrats and President Obama for the shutdown of the federal government (“Pols point fingers in gov’t shutdown” by Dave Sutor, Oct 2). These legislators claim that the Democrats will not negotiate over the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Where they are mistaken is ACA is the law of the land. The way to change it is through the legislative process, which they tried 41 times.

What these people do not have are the votes to change it. So, they will take their ball and go home and the heck with the 800,000 Americans who have been put on furlough. And this from three of the most vocal legislators about jobs, jobs, jobs.

I would urge these leaders to pass a clean, continuing resolution. Send members to committee with the Senate and iron out their problems there instead of holding the country hostage.

Mark Dougherty


America has almost run out of time

When are the people who truly care about this country and know the real history behind the sacrifices made to make us the most powerful country in the world, at least we were five years ago, going to wake up and take back our country?

This administration is the worst thing that ever happened to our democratic republic, which in a short time will become a Marxist, socialistic nation.

In the existence of the USA, nothing that the government has taken over has worked; instead it has failed miserably. Obamacare will destroy the economy of our country. The greatest medical system in the world did not need to be fixed, especially by an uneducated, phony Marxist who has never worked for a living.

In the five short years since President Obama has been in control, the price of gasoline has doubled, the national deficit has doubled, unemployment has risen, food-stamp users have increased, illegal aliens are treated better than our veterans, abortions are easier to get, and men are marrying men and women are marrying women.

When will it end? Only when we make the changes needed, or God will step in and change it all. Wake up, America. It is almost too late.

The Rev. Tony Joseph

Richland Township


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