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October 19, 2013

Readers' Forum 10-19 | Easing the burden of sewer upgrades

JOHNSTOWN — A solution to sewer improvements forced on homeowners is very easy. The municipalities that forced these unneeded upgrades should do them on a labor and material basis only. Payments could be made to ease this burden over 50 years – the amount of time the system has been ignored and neglected.

Did no one think to save for future upgrades? What will happen to those people who live on borderline poverty? More empty houses.

Costs must be controlled. Perhaps, council members could think about this while they wait at our extremely long red lights.

Stan Carrier


Devil’s successes are many, well-known

There’s a story that is not well-known which is so bizarre it’s almost incredible. But if Jesus’ words, “By their fruit, you should know them” (Matthew 7:16, 20), is used as a criterion, it certainly can be credible.

And here’s the story. More than a 100 years ago, Pope Leo XIII was leaving the altar after Mass when he had a mystical experience. He heard God and the devil conversing. The devil said, “Give me time and I can destroy your church.”

God answered him, “How much time do you need?”

“A hundred years,” replied the devil.

“Go ahead, try it,” answered God.

Would God really allow the devil to do this? Well, he allowed the devil to tempt Adam and Eve, and this original sin has plagued all mankind ever since. And he allows the devil to tempt all of us throughout our lives.

Space forbids a listing of all the diabolical successes that occurred in the past 100 years, but at least consider all the wars, especially World War I and World War II, the diabolical Nazi regime and atheists, communism and the clergy scandals. And consider the demoralization of our country and the world.

To substantiate this story, Pope Leo issued a policy that every Catholic church in the world, after Mass, say the prayer to St. Michael the archangel, the chief adversary of the devil, to protect us.

If any thinking, serious Christian can not come up with 25 or more instances of the devil’s successes, they have had their head in the sand.

Richard A. Ruth


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