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November 4, 2013

Readers' Forum 11-4 | There is hope for the future

JOHNSTOWN — Recently, I had the privilege of touring the United States Naval Academy and came away with a deeper love for my country.  

I was totally impressed by the midshipmen who undergo four years of rigorous academic and physical training before serving our country as an officer for five years in the military. They are putting aside their dreams and political differences in order to make our country a better place to live.  What a wonderful lesson for us all and especially our politicians in Washington.

 The next time you feel the U.S. is heading in the wrong direction, just think of our men and women at the service academies and in the military.  You'll put a smile on your face and realize there is  hope for the future.

Robert Vetock


Media bias is disturbing

I am so fed up with mainstream media bias. The media need to realize that Pope Francis is a Catholic Christian who upholds church teachings on abortion and homosexuality. His remarks on these issues in no way contradict what the catechism says.

We must be balanced in our approach to those who pursue either of these sins. We must treat those individuals with love and respect while still upholding the sacredness of human life and sexuality.

In addition, Pope Francis reminds us that we all are born in sin. All sin displeases God, and everyone must repent.

Human pride is repulsive to God. If we turn to him with a contrite heart, we receive his forgiveness and his grace to live as he intended. Building a relationship with Christ decreases our desire to sin.

In a similar way, the media love to distort the reasons behind the recent government shutdown. Unlike all the previous 17 shutdowns, this time we had a president who arrogantly refused to negotiate. President Obama claims that raising the debt limit will not actually raise the debt. That’s like saying that raising the speed limit will not increase traffic speed.

Fiscally responsible congressional members tried to protect our country from the financially ruinous path it is following. They tried delaying the disastrous health care monstrosity.

In 2006, during arguments about raising the debt limit, Obama said, “America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.” I couldn’t say it better myself. Obama, you are not a leader. We do deserve better.

Gale Bala


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