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November 13, 2013

Readers' Forum 11/13 | Check locally before going out of town

JOHNSTOWN — Lately, it seems that we are bombarded with news about health care. We are listening to reports daily about out-of-control health care expenses.

While big hospitals and big insurance companies battle it out to see who will likely be running all of our local hospitals, the general population awaits the news.

It has come to my attention that some local doctors are also involved in a political game of their own. Patients are being sent out of the area for procedures that could be done in most of our local hospitals. Why are we sending patients out of the area? Patients don’t know any better so they listen to whatever the doctor tells them.

Meanwhile, it is costing them and their family a lot of money to travel back and forth for care they could receive right in their own backyard. I understand that sometimes hospital administrators and doctors don’t always get along.

Let me ask doctor, is the satisfaction of beating an administration more important that what’s in the best interest of your patient? Not to mention what it is doing to our local economy. For every patient you send out of town for a procedure they could have done here, you are sending thousands of dollars with them.

Considering our unemployment figures are so high, can we really afford to hurt the few people left in this town that are actually able to work? 

Next time your doctor tells you to go out of town for a procedure, check with your local hospital and see if it can be done right here.

Mary Woods


Government controls health; what’s next?

A century ago, the town of Armagh and its surroundings flourished with miners working long hours, for little pay and held hostage to company housing and its company store, leaving very little, if any, for savings and opportunity to work elsewhere.

Then, the unions came into their lives and their plight turned for the better.

A century later, because of the mandated health care act, government now holds hostage deciding who, what, where, when and how health care shall be provided on an individual basis. If it can control your health, then what can stop government from mandating what you breathe, think and smell?

If you did not care for slavery years ago, why would you accept socialism today?

Michael J. Smajda


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