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May 14, 2014

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Top-dollar contractors doing shoddy work

I am a retired building contractor California License No. B 388-149. I have built freeways, roadways and bridges and had subs install the metal guard rails along the roadways.

What I see here in Pennsylvania is shoddy workmanship. These railings are installed with lasers to keep the line straight and true. The new roadway construction on Route 219 during the past few years is what I am talking about. The old railings, 10 years old, are true and straight except for areas that had crashes and had been repaired.

The state inspectors are signing off on crooked railings, rough asphalt pavings and paying top dollar to contractors that are supposed to be qualified. The blame for substandard workmanship lies with the PennDOT division who controls the projects.

I am sure as you read this and drive down Route 219 and view the metal railings alongside the roadway you will see crooked railings.

Inspectors have a 12-foot-long straight edge and walk the highway. They are to mark sections with any differences of more than a quarter inch. The contractor is to grind down the paving at the marks and make the ride smooth. I guess we don’t care here in Pennsylvania and let contractors rip us off of our tax dollars. How about we get what we pay for? If the work is substandard then deduct a percentage or have the contractor fix it.

Ed McGarvey


Everyone in church when crisis arises

I agree with Grant Shaffer’s Readers’ Forum letter on April 23, (“Religious values are slipping away”). It’s all too true.

When a crisis accrues, you find everyone in churches, but how soon we forget. Keep it up and God will take his hand. Just because we just no longer except almighty God’s ways, whatever happened to the Ten Commandments? Have we forgotten them?

Nancy Arnone


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