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May 18, 2014

Readers' Forum 5/18 | Poppy donations benefit veterans

JOHNSTOWN — May is the month that most American Legions and auxiliaries have their poppy distribution. We do not sell poppies, we ask for a donation.

Many people do not know what the poppy flower is and what we use the money for.

The poppies that we distribute are made by the veterans of the Hollidaysburg Veterans Home and they are paid so much per poppy. This gives them spending money and also is good therapy.

They sign up voluntarily for this project and do an excellent job and good fellowship while doing it. The poppies are then sent to the American Legion headquarters and we purchase them from the department.

Every penny donated for the poppies is kept in a special fund and used for the veterans and their families throughout the year. We do bingo parties at the veterans homes, buy gifts for them at Christmas, purchase items they may need, have TVs put in the recreation rooms.

Many veterans do not have a family, so we make sure their needs are met. The veterans, with the money they have earned, can purchase items, gifts for families at the gift shops or canteens. Many units have an adopted a veteran for which they care for with birthday and Christmas gifts and other needs.

All who work on this program are volunteers. When you see these volunteers in front of stores, etc., please be generous and ask questions about the program. We will be happy to answer them.

Verla Mae Shultz

Past State President of

American Legion 653 Auxiliary

Serious flaw in today’s young people

When I was in high school many years ago, we learned to respect other people and their property. And we got our high from believing in God, and the future rewards that awaited us in the next life.

Did the kids of my generation want to kill anyone? No. Did we want to seriously injure other people? No.

My crystal ball is all fogged up, therefore, I cannot tell you when the next school shooting or knife attack will occur.

Today, there is a serious flaw in our moral fiber and, unfortunately, it shows. I still believe God blesses America every day in every way. Because of America’s trek down the road to perdition, God is punishing us for our sins of commission and omission.

I believe I have a solution to our rampant crime and moral turpitude that is playing our great nation.

Restore with dignity, honor and full glory, God and Jesus Christ, to their rightful places in the classrooms of all public schools in the United States before it’s too late.

Paul Rinker


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