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June 6, 2014

Readers' Forum 6-6 | Memorial tribute to war hero/father

JOHNSTOWN — June 6, 1944, D-Day: Alex W. Barber was a man on a mission. Landing among the first waves of soldiers on Omaha Beach, Normandy, this medic found himself in a maze of gunfire.  

He used his body as a shield to save the lives of fellow soldiers. He performed an emergency tracheotomy with a ballpoint pen to save one man’s life; he borrowed a horse and buggy to move and care for the wounded. He was hit with enemy shrapnel as he treated others.

Later, he was the first Army medic, a member of Darby’s Rangers, to enter Buchenwald concentration camp to administer first aid.

He became one of many heroes, decorated with medals such as the Distinguished Service Cross with Oak Leaf Cluster, Bronze Star and Purple Hearts. He was a life member of the Disabled American Veterans, Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion, Army and Navy Legion of Valor, and is mentioned in the books “Omaha Beach” and “The Longest Day.”  

Educationally a genius, he attended Johns Hopkins University, the University of Pennsylvania and the Baltimore Chiropractic College. He became a pioneer in the field of chiropractics.

He rests in Arlington National Cemetery.

This man’s legacy is a gift to our country.  

Alexis Michel Angelo

Naples, Florida, Formerly of Johnstown


Time to rein in TV commercials

My dad so disliked TV commercials that, when one appeared, he would turn down the volume and leave the room in a huff. To which my mother would respond, “Mike, get in here and turn that back on!”

Is anyone else annoyed by commercials?

Here are some I can’t stand anymore:

-- In the name of humanity, would Congress get off its duff and outlaw any ad that  targets aging baby-boomers with erectile dysfunction or testosterone replacement magic? Look, fellas, you had your moment. Haven’t we caused enough trouble already? Testosterone is perhaps the most toxic substance on earth.

-- The slightly surrealistic “My mom works at ...” GE ad. Cute kid, but you can’t understand a word she is saying. And they run it incessantly.

-- Any car ad that features a vehicle skidding sideways at high speed through (pick one) rain, snow, mud or dust. Who drives like that?

-- The two older neighbor women who can’t wait to see the new Bathfitter installation. Is it really possible to rhapsodize over a plastic enclosure?

Locally produced commercials are always awful, but the retired Kuntz Motor Co. ad featuring the guy dressed in an Amish or Mennonite outfit who trades in the old “oatsmobile” for a swell, red convertible was so bad it was great.

Some are good, of course. Most are just noise.

Where’s that remote?

Michael M. Mosorjak


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