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October 25, 2012

Readers' Forum 10-25 | Obnoxious fan ruined game for all

Submitted by Readers

— On Oct. 20, I went to a minor league football game at the Point Stadium. I was watching third- and fourth-graders play for the championship. These young boys played their hearts out. They were good sports during the game.

One team went home with a broken heart, the other team went home rejoicing. It was the first football game I went to in more than 50 years. Nothing has changed, even the obnoxious fan from the team I wanted to win.

The announcer made the statement several times that this was a young team playing and that the fans should act accordingly. But this man insisted on tormenting the fans from the opposite team. He just wouldn’t quit.

If you want to support your team, yell all you want, but let the other fans alone. When I was a child, I spoke like a child – at the games. But as an adult, I acted like an adult. I would have liked to say something to the coaches from the winning team. Sportsmanship? Congratulations to the winning team, and the losers can hold their heads high. They played a good game.

Jane Horner


Elections hold officials accountable

After completing my Friday pastoral visits, I spent the afternoon at the Bedford County Courthouse handing out water bottles to those waiting for tax appeals. The idea came to me Thursday night at the Republican fall banquet during a discussion about the appeals.

I mentioned about handing out water or coffee to those waiting. I thought it would be a nice gesture and would communicate that those in public office really do care.

I hoped that this small act would communicate to those in office that they are there to serve all the people and should never be viewed as a burden. I believe that everyone should be treated with respect, fairness and dignity no matter what their party affiliation, socio-economic status, family name, gender, religion or race. I enjoyed talking with people and sharing my faith and vision for public office.

While God may call us to participate in different ways, there is something more important each of us can do and that is to exercise our right to vote on Nov. 6. Public officials are always aware of who votes, and when you vote they pay attention.

Remember, they work for you and me. Elections hold them accountable for their records. If you are concerned with the direction the country is heading, then express your right to vote and let your voice be heard. Your vote really does matter, especially to the generations that follow, because they will carry the burden of the choice we make on Election Day.

Dwight “JR” Winck


Where did Clinton, Obama serve?

On Oct. 20, I read another letter in the forum, the second in two weeks, about Mitt Romney’s lack of military service.

The writer says Romney went to France on a church mission trip. I hadn’t heard this before, but if he did, he was exercising a religious freedom we veterans have fought for. He says Romney carried a sign supporting the Vietnam War. I take it he’d rather Romney went to England and protested against the war. Romney’s father didn’t send him to France, his church did, like so many other religions do. Do you have a problem with that?

If service is so important to some people, why did they vote for a draft-dodging, protesting Bill Clinton, or a socialist, radical Muslim sympathizer instead of John McCain, who was a true military hero?

The writer wrote that the Vietnam War “was unwinnable,” but those of us who were there know better.

It was the protests and cowards burning draft cards in the streets of the United States, and the politicians who shackled the troops in the field who lost the war.

It’s just like they’re doing to our warriors today. Let the military fight the wars, not the lawyers and politicians.

If someone is going to write political propaganda, please keep the facts straight.

John Mikolic


Right-wing not about people, just power                                                            I keep seeing the same names on these letters with the same old right-wing message complaining about this administration. If you think big government is bad, wait until the right wing puts big business in charge of your lives. Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us about this.

Wealthy, private-equity firms sucking the life out of companies, then closing them after lining their pockets. We’ve seen it locally in businesses that could still be viable, such as Fleetwood in Somerset. I know. I worked there. However, that is not the business plan of such firms. Theirs is me first, me again and then maybe you.  Not the mind-set I want leading our government. The right-wing is never of, for and by the people. Instead, it’s all about power.

Witness Mitch McConnell’s statement “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president” (CBS News, Nov. 13, 2010) or here in Pennsylvania where House Majority Leader Mike Turzai said the new voter ID law (expensive and unnecessary but obvious in its intent) will “allow Gov. Romney to win the state.” (Christian Science Monitor, Aug. 29, 2012)

With this kind of obstructionist attitude in the right-wing, it is evident that those who oppose this administration have no interest in governing.

We need folks in Washington who can work together. The childish sniping

needs to stop ... and soon.

Bill Weible


Obama’s EPA a death knell for coal

“We learn from history that we do not learn from history” (Georg Hegel). Although somewhat radical and unique in his own right, Hegel had this figured out almost 300 years ago.

In days, this nation will have the opportunity to vote for a president. By firsthand experiences, I know that re-electing President Obama will spell the end of much of the coal industry. He is in charge of a federal agency that has morphed from public service to social engineering, the Environmental Protection Agency.

I am calling out all you who have a direct or indirect coal heritage. Vote. Every town in this county exists in part or totally because of our coal heritage.

We have an opportunity to prove Hegel wrong. Whereas the bygone days of the mills, mines and rail yards fell victim to political ill-winds of change, we can stop this one dead in its tracks.

A vote for Obama is a vote to reject your heritage and jeopardize your future. There is little in the way of credible science and much in the way of economic catastrophe that drives the president’s EPA.

True, energy markets are playing a role as well. However, rest assured that in our very near future we will regret the day that we permitted this administration’s rogue agency to exist one more minute.

Stop the war on coal. Fire Obama.

Dennis Simmers


Administration ignores Hyde Amendment

If you’re still in doubt about voting for President Obama, think on this, pray on this. Obama is pro-choice. He believes in abortion, he believes in Planned Parenthood funneling money to do abortions.

The Hyde Amendment (HR3) does not permit funds to be funneled to P.P. for abortions. But it still goes on. Obama knows it and does nothing about it.

Our tax dollars are paying for these abortions. There are many reasons why you should not vote for Obama.

Obama puts God and country last. Where is he coming from? We can help the poor, the disabled, the down and out in many other ways without killing babies. They are babies created by God almighty.

Vote for Mitt Romney – he cares about America and the direction it is headed.

God bless you and always remember God loves you and you are his friend

(1 Peter 5:7).

Judy Orlando



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