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November 25, 2013

Readers' Forum 11-25 | Confront climate change for future generations

JOHNSTOWN — We the people and our elected legislators have some big choices to make.

On the one hand, we want the jobs that bring us the comforts of home, which coal and other fossil fuel extraction corporations offer us.

On the other hand, we read in our hometown newspapers that world leaders are urging coal companies to leave fossil fuel reserves in the ground.

Likewise, they are urging the World Bank and our planet’s biggest pension funds to divest from all fossil-fuel stocks.

What’s going on, we ask? The answer is: climate change caused by the burning of fossil fuels. Everyone knows that this is the truth, but no one wants to admit it, especially the corporations that profit most from selling fossil fuels to us and who spend billions selling us lies about climate change.

But beware: The monster of climate change is coming. It’s causing giant storms like Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy and now Typhoon Haiyan wrecking coastal cities worldwide with rising seas and storm surges. It’s also burning down our great forests and parching our rich farmland with massive droughts.

It’s time to wake up, tighten up our belts and get to work with each other and our legislators to confront this monster for the sake of our children’s children. If that means breaking our addiction to fossil fuels, then so be it.

We the people have faced monsters and tough times before and, with Gods’ help, we can do it again now. Let’s get on with this job.

Rev. William Thwing


Little guy burdened with more taxes

Is our governor trying to drive people out of Pennsylvania or is he making it so only the rich will be able to drive through higher taxes on gas, driver’s licenses, etc.

What a sorry group of people we have in Harrisburg that work for themselves and not the people of our state. They could all take a pay cut and stop frivolous expense accounts and driving government vehicles. That would free up money for road work.

But their solution is to make the little guy pay for it.

There is no one in office now who will get my vote next election.

Donna Black


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