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November 19, 2012

Readers' Forum 11-19 | Voters are the people we should fear

Submitted by Readers

— Our country has answered the question of John F. Kennedy: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country.”

The danger to our country is not President Obama, but the people who believed this man can be trusted to get our nation back to where it should be.

For those who voted for four more years, that’s their choice. The problem is, we all will pay the consequences. It will be far easier to undo Obama’s choice than to restore the common sense and good judgment to people willing to have Obama as president.

Some voters don’t care about what is right for America. Their hands are out and politicians who give the most will win an election. All that the politicians care about are those free benefits they get from people who pay taxes. There already isn’t enough revenue to pay for all the freebies.

The days of people being self-reliant, being willing to work for the American dream, are dead.

Sit back and watch government run out of money, attack our Christian churches, increase taxes, put restrictions on coal and oil, cause higher unemployment, destroy our health system (watch our doctors bail out of Obamacare) and pass more gun restrictions. When the right to protect yourself goes, the only ones with guns will be the government. Check your history on countries that took guns away from citizens.

Will we have enough people working to pay for those who don’t want to work?

Joseph T. Torchia Sr.

Daytona Beach, Fla., and Johnstown

Romney as much a hero as our service people

In analyzing post-election statistics  published in The Tribune-Democrat, a comforting truth is revealed. In 54 of the 67 counties in Pennsylvania, the votes for Mitt Romney exceeded the votes for President Obama.

Nationwide, the popular vote for the Romney/Paul Ryan ticket approached the 50 percent level – thus, no mandate.

In listening to and watching Monday morning quarterbacks analyze the election results, I kept hearing “he should have done that” or “he should have said this.”

To my amazement, not a single voice uttered a “thank you, Mr. Romney” for being our voice over the past several years in a grueling struggle he accepted on our behalf. He spoke the truth from the heart, while from the president’s mouth came  rhetoric and venom.

Romney is as much a hero as those serving in the military. If he had been elected, he would have exceeded President Reagan in making the Oval Office respectful and honorable.

Edward F. Podrasky


Pols must regain our faith and trust

It’s time for our elected officials to work for the people. Congress should not be ruled by Republicans or Democrats. It should be led by officials we can trust to help the people.

We need to raise our voices. We do not get retirement/benefit packages for a few years of work. We do not get free cars and expense accounts, and we have to live within our budgets. Make government work within its budgets. Congress members need to take pay cuts, not raises.

I think of the multimillions spent on the campaigns and how much that money could have helped people affected by Superstorm Sandy.

Take down all the campaign signs, before they are litter blowing in the wind.

Last Monday was Veterans Day. Thank you, servicemen and women, for your service and sacrifice. I’d like to see all of our brave veterans receive their medals before they die and are forgotten.

Patti Noble

Brownstown Borough

Presidential campaign like old-time hockey

Sean Hannity was the first to dub the 2012 presidential race as sleazy. Mitt Romney’s game was often compared to football. I see the GOP’s loss as resembling old-time hockey (ie, “Slapshot”).

Romney tried to win against a crowd of dirty birds like the Charlestown Chiefs while maintaining graceful poise and showing respect.

I would have pulled out all the stops.

Ohio and Pennsylvania let down the GOP, again. Fool the U.S. once, shame on Barack Obama. Fool the U.S. twice, shame on us.

The voters have blessed bad behavior, and the decency and respect for the office of president may be lost forever.

The first four years of Obama had us swirling around the toilet bowl. In the next four, be on guard. He may be after a complete flush – of Christianity, Judaism and our beloved United States.

Russ Olenick

Raeford, N.C., formerly of Johnstown

Time for our country to rally around Obama

Now that President Obama has won a second term, it is time for all citizens to work together and help him get America back to prosperity. It’s time to stop all of this rhetoric.

I voted for Obama in the last election, but I voted for Mitt Romney this time. That is why this great country is the land of the free. One nation under God must never be forgotten or we all will feel the wrath of God.

Andrew McCutchen should have won the National League MVP Award. He was player of the month for June and July and led the battling Bucs in many hitting categories.

He also won a Golden Glove for center field.

In August, he was leading the league in many offensive categories.

Let me remind readers that the great Roberto Clemente won the MVP in 1966 under “Harry the Hat” Walker and the Bucs did not win the World Series. Clemente deserved the award.

John Zawalish


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