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March 27, 2013

Readers' Forum 3-27 | Where’s outrage over president’s spending?

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— There has been much written about this country’s wasteful spending, but where’s the outrage for the way the president and his administration have been spending lately? Especially after the presidential “sequester scare tour” for the looming cutbacks. The president can go on a golfing trip at a cost of more than $1 million, but there aren’t funds for White House tours.

Where’s the outrage?

The vice president, his wife and his 100-person lavish entourage went to London for two days at a cost of $1 million, but more than 1,000 illegal aliens are released because of supposed budget cuts.

Where’s the outrage?

The Pentagon is considering spending a lot of money to remodel Gitmo, but there isn’t money to fund tuition assistance for our military. Obviously, terrorists’ comforts come before promises made to our military personnel when they enlisted.

Where’s the outrage?

The president promised $200 million in aid to Jordan for refugees from the Syrian civil war, but we can’t deploy an aircraft carrier to the Mediterranean Sea, and air- traffic controllers are being cut at 140 airports. Our safety and the flying public’s safety aren’t important, but funds for refugees for a civil war we have nothing to do with are.

Where’s the outrage?

Many people reading this haven’t heard about these things. Why? The liberal press and TV won’t tell you about them. It makes the president look bad.

I am outraged and you should be, too. I have written and called our representatives to express this. I hope you will also.

Evan Klein

South Fork

Americans desensitized about ending life

Last week at lunch, I read a newspaper article about the trial of a Philadelphia abortion clinic’s Dr. Kermit Gosnell. Some of the details of the procedures that were covered in this article literally made me too sick to eat.

Time and time again, details on the brutality and barbaric nature of this procedure come out from behind the walls of the clinic. What amazes me, though, is apparently how desensitized the American public has become to the intentional ending of a human life, or even thinking of it as an “inconvenience” that can be disposed of.

No matter what the outcome of this trial, a major crime against life has been committed regardless whether the procedures performed were “legal” in the eyes of the law.

We are all witnessing the payback of failing to respect the sanctity of life.

Even recent shootings have revealed how the depiction of violence in our media has perverted individuals’ minds to fulfill their dark fantasies. I pray that in the future, witnessing these horrible occurrences will have the natural and God-given reflex to react in horror and give individuals the fortitude to make a stand that human life is a miracle in itself, and needs to be treated as so.

Christopher Farabaugh


Murder, other crime no longer shocking

Murder used to be shocking news. Now it is just another piece of a broadcast.

Our area used to be safe. Now we have residents afraid to go out alone at night or even stay alone in their own homes.

Stabbings, drug activity, thefts, vandalism of properties seem to go unnoticed.

The city manager, city council members and police chief all seem to be silent on what to do.

Take a tour of every neighborhood in our city and you will see boarded-up homes, broken windows, garbage and blight. It all reminds me of the slums of larger cities.

Renter numbers are outpacing homeowner numbers. Section 8 housing is on the upswing, taking away taxes from the city and increasing the burden on our police force.

I would like to see our council, city manager, district attorney’s office and the police department sit down with representatives of each city neighborhood and make a plan to rid our city of crime and to promote homeowner growth.

Possibly HUD could send in its own security and better screen out-of-town renter applicants, and then follow up on their progress.

The district attorney could say no more deals for drug violators. You go to jail.

I’d like to help make this city grow again and be safer for future generations.

What happened to “safe and clean”? All we have left is “friendly.”

Lindy Yutzy


Senior bridge players looking to lure youth

I want to thank The Tribune-Democrat for the outstanding article about bridge in Johnstown (“Playing games,” March 17).

In addition to the three games sponsored by the Johnstown Bridge Association, there is also an excellent duplicate game Tuesdays at noon at the Johnstown Senior Activities Center.

There also are numerous bridge “flights,” where couples play at home for a small fee that benefits a charity.

Although our members are seniors, we would welcome younger players. A while back, we had a father who would partner with his teenage son.

Bridge is a challenging, enjoyable game and younger players would help sustain its future.

We bridge players love the Steve Becker Bridge column in The Tribune-Democrat. Thank you.

Dave Livingston



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