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July 27, 2013

Readers' Forum 7-27 | Johnstown can't sink any lower

Submitted by Readers

JOHNSTOWN — City leaders should be ashamed that out-of-town visitors see Johnstown as a mess. A mess which will continue until we get the right leadership to move us forward.

Blight, crime, drugs, etc. have infested our city, turning it into a mess. Promises made by city leaders are never kept or followed through.

Population decline has grown due to the stagnation of our city. The number of out-of-town freeloaders has risen, bringing drugs, crime, etc., into our once-beautiful city.

It’s either sink or swim – the ship (city) has sunk already.

B.J. Mroczka


Moose lodge could house homeless

Regarding the Salvation Army’s problem with housing the homeless in Johnstown. It might want to consider the old Moose hall.

It’s been empty for years. It needs repairs, but at one time it was a very busy place. It was a Moose lodge with many regulars and guests. Lots of bingo was played there.

Before it was the Moose lodge, it was the employment office for Johnstown.

It has an elevator and sleeping rooms.

It will take hard work, but it could be a lifesaver for the many people who need help now.

Jean Delusa


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