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May 24, 2013

Readers' Forum 5-24 | JHA promotes healthier neighborhoods

— In response to the negative back page political ad (May 20 edition of The Tribune-Democrat) that is critical of the Section 8 rent-voucher program: A realistic consideration is needed.

The program, managed by the Johnstown Housing Authority, provides affordable home accessibility for a portion of the lower-income families.

These federal dollars actually help to promote healthier neighborhoods through the HUD housing quality standards and tenant regulations, along with mandatory and routine Section 8 inspections conducted to verify compliance by both landlord and tenant.

For landlords, if the paint is peeling, or doors, windows, stairs or walkways are in disrepair, or life safety systems such as smoke alarms are inoperable, you must have them repaired.

Tenants, once accepted into the program, are likewise required to keep their homes or apartments in decent shape, abide by the federal HUD guidelines, and if known serious criminal activity occurs, they are removed from the program.

When considering the many Section 8 housing participants who have benefited from this program over the years, the majority, by far, have abided by the rules while struggling with limited resources to provide for their families.

It is truly sad and ugly to read ads – approved by misguided council candidates – denigrating this program and the families it helps.

Keeping intact communities with high rates of unemployment, poverty and a seemingly endless recession is a huge challenge that begs for positive leadership, cooperation and a broader in-depth understanding of the problems.

Larry Blalock


Pro-life units uncover blatant murders

The abortion industry and Planned Parenthood are trying to dismiss the Kermit Gosnell case as a one-off, an aberration that shouldn’t be used to judge them.

There is, however, mounting evidence that is not the case. Two pro-life organizations, Live Action and Life Dynamics, have uncovered situations that contradict this assertion.

Live Action has exposed four abortion clinics that admit to performing late-term abortions and even killing babies born alive after botched abortions. Visit www.

The Life Dynamics organization interviewed three women who worked at an abortion clinic that regularly killed babies who were born alive. One of the women told of the abortion doctor actually “twisting the head off the neck” to kill it. Visit

These videos expose the abortion industry for what it is: A big business and a dirty business. It does not care about women’s health. It cares about making money.

A figure quoted in one of the videos is $4,000 to $5,000 for a late-term abortion. It also makes reference to add-ons by the abortion doctors to drive prices higher.

Many times, as a result of abortion procedures, women experience significant health issues, even death. See also www. 

These videos are not pleasant to watch, but if you genuinely want to know what’s happening in the abortion industry, take the time to see them. But, be warned, they are chilling, as befits an industry of evil.

Tom O’Toole

Indian Lake

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