The Tribune Democrat, Johnstown, PA

December 8, 2013

Readers Forum 12-8 | Be serious when accepting responsibility of pet

Submitted by Readers

JOHNSTOWN — I have four dogs that are adoptions from local humane societies. Each of these dogs were given as gifts during Christmas when they were puppies. Soon after the holidays, these pets were abandoned because their owners did not want the responsibility of maintaining a pet.

These loving, trusting and loyal companions had developed what they thought would be a lifelong relationship with their owners who, through their thoughtless actions, often reflect a selfish personality that probably exhibits itself in their day-to-day dealings with others.

Many of these animals wind up in shelters and, if not adopted, eventually are euthanized. Please think carefully before considering adopting a puppy or kitten, just because you or your children think they’re cute or will be fun for a few days or weeks.

My adoptees have proven to be fantastic companions that I would not sell for a

million dollars. Don’t adopt unless you plan on making it a lifelong commitment.

These helpless creatures deserve better from the so-called more intelligent species. Be responsible. Learn about the habits and personalities of various breeds and then decide if this is a serious lifelong commitment you are willing to make.

Speak to a veterinarian, humane society and pet store officials. Do some homework  and study the habits of the various breeds. Teach your children through example about responsibility toward all God’s creatures and hopefully these lessons will teach them also to treat their fellow man with good will.

Guy A. Monica


Thanks Geistown for great service

This letter is to thank Geistown Borough. I lived there on a dead end street for 30 years and of those 30 years, I had nothing but the best from the borough officer, police and road crew.

A special thank you to Denny and his crew, who kept our road clean and plowed every day.

Also special thanks to Terry McGrath and Nick Zakucia for going out of their way.

We will miss Geistown and Richland and I hope we have the same service in Hollsopple as I did in Geistown.

Goodbye Geistown. We miss you already. Keep up the great work and stay the great people you all are.

Tom and Lucy Vatavuk


Scalp Level residents happy with life

I’d like to reply to a recent column by George Hancock on Nov. 30 on lighting issues.

First, I’d like to commend Hancock for reporting problem streetlights to Penelec – volunteers are always welcome to help out in anyway they can.

Hancock lamented the fact that the borough is not on Facebook.

Scalp Level Borough is comprised of less than 800 residents, many of whom are retired with no computer or Internet access, and yes, even though Hancock states this is the year 2013, these residents still prefer to sit and read the paper edition of The Tribune-Democrat and enjoy receiving the annual printed borough newsletter.

Hancock states that there is no user-friendly means of contacting elected officials.

Part-time staff keep the office open four days a week and there is an answering machine for anyone who calls when the office is closed, plus residents often call council people and the mayor at their homes and/or approach them in public places.

Borough council meetings are held twice monthly to which residents are invited if they wish to discuss anything pertaining to the borough.

Hancock loves to run – he should consider running for council if he feels he can do a better job than those currently in office.

Bev Hauger

Scalp Level Borough secretary