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July 8, 2013

Readers' Forum 7-8 | Pharmacy’s safeguard of pills unacceptable

— On your next trip to a pharmacy, do yourself a favor: Examine closely your medication.

Your life and well-being might depend on it. I made the mistake of not verifying the pills inside my prescription bottle. It cost me a trip to the emergency room.

I had a prescription filled at my pharmacy for what I thought was medication for restless-leg syndrome. Unfortunately, I received pills usually prescribed to patients suffering from schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

How can this happen? What safeguards are in place to insure safety? Quality check? A second set of eyes?

Apparently, that’s not always a part of  standard policy.

When confronted by their risky oversight, pharmacy personnel offered me a simple apology.

Somehow, though, for the nasty effects this medication thrust upon me, an apology offered no cure. Adding to this outrageous catastrophe, the pharmacy has yet to place a follow-up telephone call to check on me.

This business simply cannot promote itself as a family pharmacy if its employees choose to not treat their customers as they would their own mothers. A simple telephone call to check up on me seems a small thing to ask.

Who assumes responsibility for their incompetence?

Not the pharmacy. My insurance company is saddled with the exorbitant expense of the emergency-room trip, and I am stuck with the deductible and co-pay.

When we can’t count on pharmacies to verify what medications we are putting into our systems, we have to take control of our own health.

At least someone will take responsibility.

Jim Neri

South Fork

Sky-is-falling leaders have personal agendas

Would people who believe in man-caused global warming please explain why the world was warmer in the Middle Ages than it is now?

At that time, wine grapes could be grown in England and the Vikings could live and farm on Greenland. Try either of those today.

As far as tropical diseases go, malaria in the 1800s was not unknown in the United States or even Finland (not exactly a jungle there).

Today, increases in population and news coverage lead many to believe that things are much worse now than ever before.

Many of the leaders of the-sky-is-falling movements, including those promoting global-warming theories, have a financial interest. It is so they can receive government grants to continue their studies, which means they don’t have to get real jobs.

Jim Davis


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