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January 5, 2013

Readers' Forum 1-5 | Giant Eagle trio will be missed

Submitted by Readers

— I stopped in the Scalp Avenue Giant Eagle on Sunday evening to pick up a few items when I noticed that some very familiar faces were missing.

I asked the cashier if Basil, Carm and Ed were there. She said that they were no longer going to be there. I have known them all my life – actually, we grew up together, living side by side.

They were always dedicated to whatever they choose to do, very hardworking and fair, never judging anyone for any reason.

They always put customer service first. In the workplace, they never made anyone do anything they wouldn’t do.

They always tried to steer everyone in the right direction so they could make something of themselves.

I want to tell them, as a neighbor, friend and longtime customer, that they will be missed.

Now is the time for them to get back what they have worked so long and hard for. I am very happy for all of them. God bless and enjoy your retirement.

Christine Charney Fyock

South Fork

Entitlement class living high on hog

I’m infuriated looking at my 2013 pay statement. Supplemental Security Income of $55 per month is deducted from my pay.

People my age are collecting SSI because they won’t take personal responsibility for their bodies, instead drinking, smoking and eating themselves to death. Or they are sitting on their bottoms getting depressed because they are unable to work, or they fake insanity for early retirement to collect more than their take-home pay, or they are divorcees who bleed their former spouses dry of resources to indulge their spoiled baby boom brats.

Or they are youngsters who ignore their children who are unable to function so they can be labeled with a disability.

Or millionaires who automatically get their SSI checks for a slush fund.

Where does it end? How much will they continue to gouge the working class?

It’s the working class verses the entitlement class. The bow is breaking. Do you think if the entitlement class worked a bit they’d be less depressed and need less medication/attention, lessening both health costs and government doles?

President Lincoln dealt with slavery; now the new slaves are the entitlement class – a voting block nonetheless for the plantation owners. How sad.

I’ve downsized my cable television to 13 channels, traded in my vehicle for one with better gas mileage and converted my heat in order to afford food because I don’t qualify, use or want food stamps. Unbelievable.

I’m sure the entitlement class has cable TV, smart phones, drugs and the like because they can afford it.

Janet Spack


Democrats pushing for a civil war

Finally the truth comes out. During a speech on Monday, President Obama admitted that raising taxes on the rich would generate hundreds of millions of dollars, not the billions or trillions he has led his followers to believe. Now that the tax hike has gone through it would, at best, run government for eight days.

Republicans caving in to raising taxes is a no-no.

During the campaigning, Democrats pushed class warfare to its limits and won the election on a promise to deliver trillions of free goods to the lower class. Republicans could have raised taxes before the election and shown the people that government does not generate cash like they were promised, and possibly a Republican would have been president.

No, the GOP stood firm in not harming the fragile economy and lost.

The fiscal cliff resolution has nothing to do with taxes. It’s the Democrats’ goal to destroy the Republicans. A civil war is brewing. Bloodshed may not happen but lives will be destroyed. Most businesses are owned by Republicans, and they hire Democrats. Our government dividing its people against one another should be a crime. Power and greed have destroyed many governments around the world, and America is next in line. You will not like the America that Democrats have in mind for the country. The poor will get poorer and the government will get bigger until we become what so many around the world try to escape from.

Ed McGarvey



Frustration may be at root of massacres

While I am a supporter of the Constitution as it is written, I see no reason why the average citizen needs an assault rifle. However, outlawing these weapons would do little to stop the slaughter of innocent victims. The reasons go much deeper:

* Lack of respect of innocent life, aka abortion, promoted by the government.

* Lack of God and religion in our schools, promoted by the government.

* Lack of a real war on mind-altering drugs by the government.

* Lack of proper punishment for hardened criminals allowed by the government.

* Lack of common decency by our political leaders. Outright lies during elections are allowed by the government.

* Lack of real background checks. Again, the government.

The No. 1 reason for the massacres during the past four years may be the lack and loss of jobs. In 1932, during the height of the Depression, unemployment was

23 percent. However, there were only 124 million Americans, leaving 28 million unemployed. While today’s unemployment rate is listed at 8 percent, it does not include the millions who have stopped looking for work or those who have never worked. If this number was included, it would show an unemployment rate near 15 percent. With a current population of 300 million, this would mean that 45 million angry, frustrated Americans are without jobs.

Idle hands may indeed be the devil’s workshop. And will the commission chaired by Vice President Joe Biden even mention these problems?

John R. Skubak


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