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January 14, 2013

Readers' Forum 1-14 | Writers ignoring elephant in the room

— After reading the Readers’ Forum letters on Jan. 9 from Paula Popp (“Doubts founders meant assault weapons”), Etta Albright (“Christian leaders, churches must step up”) and Virginia Buser (“Citizens must unite to sale of guns”), I felt that, as a woman and a mother, I needed to speak up.

These letters have several things in common: None of the writers ever read the Constitution, emotions have completely clouded their common sense, they all blame the National Rifle Association and they abhor violence and the killing of babies.

One pathetically mentions Indians attacking white people, one mentions how safe it is in China, and one talks about using Christianity to quell violence.

The one thing all three letters leave out is the outrageous numbers of killings we tolerate when it comes to babies. Planned Parenthood alone provided, with taxpayers’ money, 333,964 abortions in 2011.

From 1973 to 2011, 54.5 million abortions were performed in this country. That relates to 3,288 per day, 137 per hour, 9 per minute, one every 26 seconds. And that pertains only to surgical and medical abortions.

Why isn’t there any mention of these numbers by these writers – or anyone? Are they acceptable?

Research reveals that the shooters of all these outrageous events had at least one thing in common: None were members of the NRA. But needing a common enemy to fit the political narrative, the NRA conveniently fits the bill.

Not to downplay the tragic killings, but we’ve become a pathetic society and culture that looks the other way when millions are being killed. Christians? Really?

Debra Gindlesperger


What would happen without middle class?

I am amazed at the rhetoric that abounds. The people who cry the loudest are facing reality. Democracy is the way of life for everyone.

The Cambria County commissioners are touting no tax increase, yet they appointed people to positions created above the parameters of saving money. Look at the minutes of the meetings, which are available online at

Union positions are being phased out. This is not a right-to-work state, although our governor would love it to be. Unions are being blamed for all economic breakdowns. Organized labor accorded everyone a good living with pensions, health care and decent wages, which kept the middle class afloat.

The trend now is to make more people either poorer or richer. The middle class has been footing the bill forever because it is the majority. If government eliminates the middle class, the poor won’t be able to foot the bill and the rich won’t.

The minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. If it weren’t for organized labor, everyone except the millionaires would be make a lot less per hour.

This region has been struggling since the 1980s because infighting is rampant. Instead of working toward the common good, we are going backward.

The public is to be served by our local, state and national governments. Our problems are mounting due to politicians serving themselves as in pay, pensions and perks. I was taught to treat people as I would want to be treated.

James Mel Moss


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