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January 26, 2013

Readers' Forum 1-26 | Student: McCort's motto words to live by

JOHNSTOWN — “McCort Pride, Loyalty and Tradition” are not just words on our school wall. They are the words of a motto that we, the students, staff and faculty, live by.

We prove that every day.

We pray for the victims (of Brother Stephen Baker) and for the abuser.

Please stop with the negative comments because, honestly, they make you look ignorant and lacking compassion.

Conner C. Hagins


Bishop McCort Catholic High School

Column by reporter editorial page material

The Kelly Urban piece regarding Brother Stephen Baker on the front page of the newspaper on Tuesday was clearly an opinion piece, not a factual news item.

As a reporter for this paper, she did not show any regard for actual news or reporting, just supposition.

Did this opinion belong on the front page?

No, it belongs in the editorial section.

While I have no idea about Baker’s guilt or innocence, I do not care for conjecture on the part of the reporters. It is their duty to report, not to inflame the story with no facts, just gossip about what might have taken place.

Someone ought to sit down with Urban and remind her about the value of her words. Her opinion counts, just not on Page 1.

Diane Redvay

Richland Township

Are executive orders just the beginning?

Since its inception, the United States has survived many trials and tribulations: Wars (including a civil war), economic collapses, racial and sexual discrimination, and terrorist attacks, to name a few. The country has always had the strength and moral fortitude to survive these hardships. But can this country survive Obama version 2.0?

We have a president who has shown that he believes the Constitution does not apply to him when it does not agree with his plans or ideals. For example, his refusal to enforce or defend the Defense of Marriage Act, the institution of a backdoor amnesty program and the making of recess appointments when the Senate is not in recess.

Some look at the recent laundry list of executive orders concerning gun safety and say there is nothing dangerous in these orders; the government isn’t going to take anybody’s gun.

Why, then, would the president put forth 23 executive orders, none of which would have prevented the horrible act in Connecticut that brought about the supposed urgency for government to do something?

These deceptive orders will force those in the medical system to be concerned with your life in ways that they have no business or desire to be involved.

The ideologue in chief is working on many fundamental changes to America and our liberties. These innocuous-looking executive orders may not be enough for the president and his minions to confiscate your guns; maybe they’re testing the water before they jump in.

August Gatto


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