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May 15, 2014

Readers' Forum 5/15 | Commend resident for work on streets

JOHNSTOWN — On the last day of cleanup, Clover and Cleveland streets and two alleys may not look new, but they are clean and weed-free.

Randy R. Gajewski has been given a bad rap lately with the nonsense harassment complaint by a city official. He was attacked and called names when he won the lottery. He was bashed for living with his mom and not working. I have to say he has done a lot for this neighborhood and city during the past year.

His write-in campaign lit a fire in Johnstown that’s still going. “Fed up? Write me in for Johnstown mayor” (July 5, 2013) was a forum letter that made the silent, disenfranchised mass of people get out and vote. He got more write-in votes than anyone in any city race I can remember.

Since he began his vocal outrage campaign, buildings in my neighborhood have come down and spirit has gone up. Potholes were filled and the city has become more attentively addressing what’s wrong down here.

He continues to help where he’s asked, in spite of the criticism. So to those who say he is a bad guy, all I can say is you don’t know Randy. I am proud to call him my friend and I want to thank him for all he has done to help this neighborhood.

He is a friend, neighbor and person who  truly cares about the neighborhood and deserves to be applauded for all he has done.

Joseph Warhul


Arresting drug users will lead to deaths

I’m concerned about the article in the May 9 edition of The Tribune-Democrat stating that the three people who overdosed are facing drug charges.

I’m concerned that while we have a severe drug problem among young adults and teens, if anyone overdoses, no one will call for help, because they will be scared to be charged and then we will have a lot more deaths. Most of the time, that’s why people die, because everyone is petrified to call.

Now, they are never going to call, because they’ll be arrested. They need professional help, not charged and put in the system where they meet more drug users/drug dealers.

Something needs to be done where they

are not scared. If not, this is going to

cause Johnstown to be the capital of

drug-related deaths.

Jodi Costa


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