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July 12, 2014

Readers' Forum 7-12 | Courts must look past showboating

JOHNSTOWN — How many parents have control of their children, who listen and do all their parents’ bidding each and every day.

Today’s world of divorce and separation makes children draw lines in the sand concerning their parents. They don’t have to be told whom to love and respect. They feel and see the love of the mother or father.

They also see and feel the disappointment and abandonment of a parent. They become pawns in custody battles and are told by lawyers and authorities of our court system whom they are to love and how this is to be shown.

The court is blinded and misled by simple actions such as someone wearing a pretty uniform adorned with ribbons of battles and achievements. But dressed as a father, there are no ribbons. Of course, there is the old fall back – I’ve found Jesus.

Personally, I didn’t know he was lost.

From these actions, the court has declared him to be a perfect father.

The mother who is raising these sons from birth, with very little help from the father, is shamed and criticized by the court. She is threatened with fines and even jail time if her sons don’t show love for their father.

The sons see how their father has let them down, how he abandoned them.

The court must look and listen to the past, not just what is present and displayed for show-and-tell.

Andrew P. Dobrota


Current leader inept, incompetent

The United States of America just celebrated its 238th birthday. With age should come some sort of wisdom, but the leaders we now have in our government prove we do not vote wisely. We have had great, good, mediocre and poor leaders, but our present leader is at the bottom of the barrel.

Our president wants to remove God from our lives. He is the most non-Christian president in the history of this one nation under God. He has tried to destroy the National Day of Prayer by saying it is a private matter. Poppycock, God is everywhere.

He is turning his back on Israel and will allow Iran to produce nuclear weapons to destroy the Jews. Israel is the one true ally we have in the Mideast, and we must protect it.

He is ruining the institution of marriage by vigorously pushing for men to marry men and for women to marry women.

He is now pushing for federal support of transgender sex-change operations.

He is for allowing illegal immigrants to continue crossing our borders while we the taxpayers support them with housing, food, education and health care.

I could go on and on about failure after failure. People call him intelligent, but there are several other words that better describe his presidency. Inept and incompetent seem to better describe President Obama.

Rev. Tony Joseph

Richland Township

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