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December 11, 2013

Readers' Forum 12-11 | Correlation between Roman Empire, U.S.

JOHNSTOWN — This great nation has seen victorious challenges throughout the years, but it can’t compromise on any issue that includes all political parties. One party rules without the other, there is no compromise.

Politicians spend great resources to get elected, to become wealthy and have power and influence.

This republic has no control over government spending, which keeps increasing, believing there is no tribulations to spending while speaking of escalating taxes to feed its out-of-control thirst to squander.

The currency keeps declining in value, secured by false government treasury notes to prop up the economy from collapse.

Gold and silver are increasing in value while the military is spread thin over the world, where it can no longer sustain the annual funding to protect its land.

Cities are collapsing from spending, and their debt reaches proportions that the liabilities cannot be prepaid – bankruptcy.

Christians are persecuted for believing.

If you think I am writing about the United States of America, think again. It was the great and powerful Roman Empire. This correlation is an eye-opener and frightening. It seems we are on the same road to destruction.

Wake up, America, and quickly, before we become a memory in history. Think more of the generation that is before us and theirs. Their future depends on it.

Peter M. Fedash

Richland Township

Franklin roads in deplorable shape

For the past six years, the roads in Franklin Borough have been unsafe and inproperly maintained during the winter months. The few times the borough does plow, it’s only straight down the middle of the road, and no salt is ever put down.

I have contacted the mayor and was told he would call the plow driver, but if the driver doesn’t come out, there isn’t anything the mayor could do. I feel it is his job as mayor to make sure these jobs are done to insure the safety of the residents.

I hope and pray there is never any type of emergency, because the crews would be unable to get to it due to the hazardous roads.

I have seen several vehicles unable to make it up the roads and unable to stop for stop signs. If borough workers don’t want to do their jobs properly, then hire someone who will before something bad happens. These roads are unsafe, and it’s very unprofessional that nothing is ever done.

Cathy Riffle


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