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February 18, 2014

Readers' Forum 2-18 | Passage's words of wisdom

JOHNSTOWN — One of the first things I do when I receive my morning issue of The Tribune-Democrat is to check to see if my name is listed on the bottom of the front page, then I flip it over to see if my name is listed on the back page in the District Deaths.

That being done, I turn to the Readers’ Forum and scan to see if any of the letters agree with my opinions or judgments.

I receive quarterly publications from the American Bible Society. While reading the winter issue, I found the following passage, which gave me pause:

“There are many ways of trying to elevate ourselves. Passing judgment is one of them.

“The judgments we use against other people will be used against us and bring us under condemnation. Far better, then, that we leave all judgment to God and focus on our own shortcomings. That way we are drawn into repentance, where we receive God’s forgiveness rather than usurp God’s authority. For judgment is God’s perogative alone.”

They are talking about me. Am I alone?

Ed Strandquest

Geistown Borough

Obama flaunting his arrogance

As President Obama hosted French President Hollande at Monticello, he quipped, “I am the president and can do anything I want!” And our spineless politicians and uniformed electorate let him do it.

Scandals abound inside this administration: Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the massacre at Fort Hood, the IRS and National Security Agency, and Obama has the audacity to state “there is not a smidgen of corruption!” No one holds this man accountable.

He has unilaterally, through executive mandates, changed Obamacare, delaying employer and individual mandates and suspended caps on out-of-pocket spending, allowing insurance companies to charge higher premiums. He is rewriting his own law on the fly, and he has no constitutional authority to do this. He has ruthlessly pushed aside the very document he swore to uphold.

And now he claims he will implement the Dream Act, which has been rejected by Congress.

He uses executive privilege to hide the truth from the American people, and he should be impeached. If his name was George Bush, impeachment proceedings would have started long ago.

Obama’s sole motive is political: to delay and soften the devastating consequences of the Affordable Care Act until after the 2014 elections, and to push his socialist, progressive agenda.

Oh, by the way, who paid for the lavish and opulent state dinner for the French president? The American taxpayers, that’s who.

Hypocrisy at its best. Wake up America, if you care.

Dr. J. Michael Moses

Central City

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