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January 15, 2014

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JOHNSTOWN — Can’t pigeonhole all constituents

I am so confused.

The religious right is obsessed with establishing its god’s laws as our country’s laws. Never mind that one in five Americans (one in three under the age of 30) is not religious – and the “nones” are growing fast – what exactly would this mean?

Would it mean returning to slavery and concubines? Killing children who mouth off to their parents? Selling daughters? Killing anyone who works on the sabbath? Making women marry their rapists? And don’t forget dashing babies against rocks or setting hordes of bears on little boys who laugh at bald guys. Really?

This stuff is all in the Bible.

The penalty for many biblical crimes is death by stoning. Would we go back to that? Who would select the stones? Who would throw them? Usually stoning was to be done at the gates of the city. Where are the gates of Johnstown? Would there be film at 11?

The camel’s nose is already in the tent when elected officials craft legislation that codifies their beliefs and runs roughshod over the rights of different-minded constituents. We’re all in trouble then.

The religio-conservative party line is that women are uppity, organized workers are bad, the poor are undeserving and children are famished, but that’s OK (if their mother can’t feed them, she

shouldn’t have had them ... yadda, yadda).

As a liberal/lesbian/nontheist Quaker, I have several dogs in this fight. I hope to live long enough to see science, common sense and reason prevail.

Because, you know, sanity.

Nancy Coleman



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