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January 23, 2014

Readers' Forum 1-23 | Charity should begin in our country

JOHNSTOWN — Congressman is at it again. Did you see where Kerry Bentivolio wants to sent $380 million to Syria? He says, “9 million people need assistance.”

I’m sure there are more than 9 million Americans that need help. Food stamps and LIHEAP were cut for the low income.

The people in Syria mostly hate us anyway. Charity should begin at home. Cut the debt and foreign aid in half. Washington doesn’t care if our people starve and freeze.

Ralph Gutshall


How about no budget, no paycheck?

“Hey boss, today is payday and I didn’t get my check.”

“Yes, Keith, I know. Your work has been subpar. We are holding your money in escrow until you catch up on the French fry orders for the past two weeks.”

“Oh, so that explains the unruly crowd at the pickup window.”

Rep. Keith Rothfus’ proposal to hold the pay of congressional members in escrow if they don’t complete their work on time is a step forward, but it doesn’t come close to mirroring “real world” consequences of dereliction of duty outside of Washington, D.C.

Please try again, Rothfus. How about permanent loss of pay for every day a new budget is not in affect?

Nick Russian

Central City

Killing nation has no future hope

Good news, great joy. This day is born a Savior, Jesus Christ, the Lord, a joy for all people. He loves us so much, coming as a poor, helpless, innocent and lovable baby. We are conceived, made in his image and likeness.

At his baptism, the heavens opened, a voice was heard. This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased. We are to listen to him, not a society that goes against him.

As a nation, we slaughtered more than 56,000,000 innocent unborn babies since 1973, all in the name of “choice and reproductive rights.” Pope John Paul II said, “A nation that kills its children is a nation without hope.”

Disrespect for God and life in the womb, leads to a multitude of sins: contraception, premarital sex, extramarital sex, abortion, domestic violence and abuse, all resulting in epidemic numbers of sexually transmitted diseases, broken people, relationships, families and suicides. Euthanasia is also practiced.

Gay marriage sins against the natural order of God. We are all sinners. God became one of us because he loves us, to save us from our sins. He suffered and died for us so that we would have eternal life. Jesus healed the sinners of his time. He wants to heal us, too.

Jesus said, “Repent and believe in the gospel. You are forgiven, go and sin no more.” We need to open our hearts to him, to all human life.

Chris Mraz


Family gets hurt when using marijuana

Will the people who are addicted to  marijuana, please stop using it?

You are hurting your family and friends when they go to your funeral and it may take months or years to watch you die of cancer. In other words, don’t let marijuana kill you.

Dorothy Ford

Mineral Point

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