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July 25, 2013

Readers' Forum 7-25 | America is being eroded by sin

Submitted by Readers

JOHNSTOWN — Tolerance, on the surface, sounds like a good virtue, and I would agree it should be displayed at times in certain situations by all of us. Where tolerance becomes a problem is in relationship to sin. Tolerance to sin leads to permissiveness of sin, which leads to consequences for sin.

God is not tolerant of sin. In fact, all sin is an abomination to God. Sin cost God dearly because he sent his only begotten son, Jesus, to die for said sin.

America is being eroded from within by the depth of its sin, the latest being the homosexual marriage issue. Why? Because of tolerance, especially by our so-called leaders – in the spiritual realm by the clergy and in the political world by the politicians. I might add the Democratic party is basically morally incompetent.

Although our leaders in the clergy and politics may have more responsibility and accountability, God is still no respecter of persons, and all mankind must stand before him someday to give a full account of his actions.

The biblical teaching is to love the sinner but hate the sin. In other words, you and I are not to be tolerant of sin, and we should never put people in position of authority, whether clergy or politics, who do not adhere to God’s precepts.

Eighty percent of Americans claim to be Christians. The question is, how many of these 80 percent are true Christ-following, biblical believers and how many are out-and-out hypocrites?

Bernie Bolha

Upper Yoder Township

Media, politicians display lack of ethics

Despite the facts that George Zimmerman’s prom date, business partner, his wife’s best friend, most of his lessees and the children he has mentored were black, the mainstream media and politicians continue to stoke the flames of racism.

Zimmerman, a Hispanic, is just as much white as President Obama, yet those in the media hype his “whiteness” to push a narrative rather than the facts.

The prosecution was not only coerced into filing charges when none were warranted, but it purposely withheld exculpatory evidence until a since-terminated whistle-blower reported this to the defense.

A jury of six heard and deliberated on the eyewitness testimony and the evidence presented, then determined that Zimmerman had every right to defend himself.

Despite this, politicians and racial fomenters continue to push for unsubstantiated charges, all of which Zimmerman has previously been cleared of by the FBI.

The truth is that Trayvon Martin was the only individual which showed racism when he uttered the words “creepy-a** cracker” to describe Zimmerman.

When “news” outlets such as NBC purposely edited the 911 call by Zimmerman to make it appear racial, it not only displayed a lack of journalistic ethics, it also showed the deep divide the media and Obama wish to advance.

Whether it is race, economic standing, morality issues, etc., one can expect such ploys to continue so long as politicians and media outlets continue to hide facts and truths from the American people.

Michael J. Mandichak


Kudos to Dale’s ordinance officer

Hats off to the Dale Borough ordinance officer. It’s really nice to see the long grass being cut, the months of buildup surrounding residential properties being cleaned up.

It’s really sad that people have to be threatened with citations before they clean up their act.

Keep up the great work, because it will come back.

So much appreciated.

Don and Kim Whitaker



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