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July 26, 2013

Readers' Forum 7-26 | Detroit not a shining economic star

Submitted by Readers

JOHNSTOWN — If you haven’t been caught up in all the recent overseas excitement of the royal birth of the boy who might someday be king, you may have heard tell that our kingly leader is about to turn his focus on economic issues here in the United States.

Most ordinary Americans are focused on economic issues on a daily basis. But then we don’t have the distraction of running an administration riddled with ineptitude and mismanagement leading to numerous leaks, scandals and ignorance of constitutional restraints.

The president will make speeches claiming credit for any shred of positive economic news he can conjure up, and he will be blaming the evil Republicans, most especially those tea-party types, for any negative economic news. You can call it typical politics if you wish, but this gang always raises partisan political attack to new levels.

There will be talk of the need for a stronger middle class while at the same time policies will be instituted to do everything but strengthen the middle class. A stronger middle class is the result of people obtaining jobs that are created by a legitimate need for products or services. Not by taxing productive persons that earn money and gifting it to those who don’t.

It is not really necessary to listen to the president on the economy since there is already a shining example of what the country might look like if his economic agenda is followed and his policies are fully instituted. That example is called ... Detroit.

August Gatto


Appreciative of help after auto accident

On July 9, I had a vehicle accident in the borough of Nanty Glo. I wish to thank the people who were so kind to me, including the woman who held my hand, the man who offered me and the young man something to drink and the ambulance and EMT people.

I didn’t get any names but I appreciated all your kindness. There are good people still around.

Victoria Svencer


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