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July 14, 2014

Readers' Forum 7-14 | Common sense tells us to pick up garbage

JOHNSTOWN — Regarding Bill Karson’s Readers’ Forum letter published on July 8 (“Citizens are now serving government?”), I believe he is missing the point altogether.

The city of Pittsburgh is not telling us to change our behavior, as Karson says.

Rather, it is asking concertgoers to quit being slobs and to pick up after themselves. I honestly don’t think this is too much to be expected of concertgoers, nor anyone else, but obviously, it is. Just look around – our sidewalks, highways, parking lots and even the beautiful parks across the country are all covered with litter.

Shame on us!

It is inconceivable to me that a person believes it is “government’s job to clean up the mess we make.” I would wager that, while Karson is of the opinion that government should be doing all the tasks he stated, in his next breath he would state that government is too big and should be reduced in size. I’m just guessing, of course.

It appears to me that he should have paid more attention to his mother’s wishes when he was 13.

Harry Hunt

Westmont Borough

Numbers belie claims of ineptitude

It never ceases to amaze me at how short people’s memories are.

We have had three presidents in the past 21 years.

After eight years, Democratic President Bill Clinton handed Republican George W. Bush a strong economy, no debt and a country at peace.

After his eight years, Bush handed President Obama two unnecessary wars, massive debt and an economy on the verge of collapse.

After just five years, Obama is getting us out of war and has the economy improving.

Points of fact are:

-- With help from a Democratic Congress, the administration passed a stimulus that saved the economy.

-- 288,000 jobs were created in June.

-- 52 consecutive months of private sector job growth (a record).

-- 1.4 million jobs created in the first half of this year is the fastest job growth in the first half of a year since 1999 (Clinton was president).

-- Unemployment is down from 10 percent in 2008 to 6.1 percent today.

-- Interest rates are low.

-- The stock market has nearly tripled since Obama has been president, which means so has your 401(k).

Could it be better? For sure. We still need to create more jobs, raise wages, pass an equal pay act, strengthen infrastructure and pass immigration reform.

Imagine how good the economy would be without the obstructionist Republicans, who have pledged to do nothing.

By the way, you don’t hear the GOP talking about Obamacare anymore. Why?

Because it’s working.

Democrats need to get out and vote in November for Erin McClelland and get rid of obstructionist Keith Rothfus.

John Jacoby

Cover Hill

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