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November 24, 2012

Readers' Forum 11-24 | Heartless action toward families

Submitted by Readers

— I am so sorry for the 18 or so families living along Suppes Avenue in Johnstown that will have to move within a few weeks. What can be done about this?

People, stand up for your family and friends who are being dumped for whatever reason. What can be done about rules and about buying and selling of property in the middle of holidays and soon-to-be wintry weather?

Where is the heart in all of this? I can almost hear the “Bah! Humbugs” and almost see the Grinch who is not only stealing Christmas but the homes of others.

Diane Holcomb


A novel idea for political cooperation

U.S. astronaut and Pittsburgh native Mike Fincke was interviewed recently on NPR in connection with the new space exhibit opening at Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh.

Since America’s space shuttle program has been completed, American astronauts requiring transportation to the International Space Station need to hitch rides on space vehicles launched from Russia, which was referred to a generation ago by President Reagan as “the evil empire.”

The NPR interviewer noted the fact that astronauts from some 15 different countries have at one time or another worked for extended periods of time on the space station, and asked Fincke how astronauts of so many different nationalities are able to get along while working together in such close quarters and in such an inaccessible location.

Fincke pointed out that the space station is called the International Space Station because people from so many different nationalities are involved in its continuing mission. He said that the space station is the best partnership human beings have ever experienced, because in space there are no politics; that what’s decided on earth is decided on earth; and the people working in space don’t let the little things stop them from working together, because together is the only way we can reach the stars.

It’s an interesting idea that an enemy on earth could become a friend in space. Possibly we should send the Senate majority and minority leaders there. Who knows? Maybe then we’ll be able to see some cooperation between Republicans and Democrats.

Carl Schultz



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