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November 25, 2012

Readers' Forum 11-25 | Charities should unite to honor all children

— I found the story in the Nov. 17 paper, “Toy collection will honor tot,” quite moving and hope the effort brings some relief to the grieving parents and other family members. May God bring them peace.

This gesture will put a smile on a child’s face. This beautiful child (Maddox Derkosh) has been honored twice in his short life – at birth and at death. This little child is now in a better place than we are  – in the arms of Christ.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, next year, charities could come together to honor all the sweet, innocent children who never had a chance to be honored even once. Instead they are welcomed in hatred or fear and butchered in their own mother’s womb. What a sin and may God have mercy on us all.

Truth is ugly sometimes.

Dixie Lochrie


Scouts’ food drive a huge success

Recently, a Boy Scout troop, along with Cub Scouts in our area, held a food drive. These boys and their leaders worked diligently to distribute fliers and to gather canned goods for those less fortunate.

With the help of our friends and neighbors who supported their efforts by donating food, it was a huge success. We are fortunate to have such caring individuals in our community.

Nealene Tyger


Political spending equals more votes

We need a sound fiscal policy. Follow the money has become motive for many politicians. Follow the money and his brother, something for nothing, combine to make a powerful force.

Politicians follow the money into supporting faulty economics, which is inflation through printing money, because they’re always short of two things: Money to buy votes and votes to obtain more money.

Printing money and inflating the currency has become normal. This gives the government an unlimited supply of money to continue bribing voters with more spending. In the long term, this leaves extremely high debts and fiscal crises.

Those responsible will be long out of office when it hits the fan. Letting tax cuts expire on the wealthiest isn’t the solution. It would bring in $85 billion, which is spent in nine days.

Our politicians follow the money by continuing high spending. The something-for-nothing crowd continues to vote for more. Many politicians care more about votes and short-term money. Printing more money to continue spending is really an unofficial tax on us since inflation leads to higher prices.

It starts with government promising more spending, more money is printed, inflation increases prices, and the rest of us are left wondering why it’s tougher each year to earn a living. This especially hurts fixed-income households.

Politicians know that continuing to spend means more votes. Proof is seen in how much the Federal Reserve has printed/put into circulation (quantitative easing), which coincides with price increases on everything.

Perhaps voting long-term fiscal discipline is better than short-term follow the money.

Ryan Hill


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