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December 4, 2012

Readers' Forum 12-4 | Nation’s economy on a path to disaster

— The American people missed a great opportunity to solve the fiscal problems that the federal government has created by not electing the Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan team, which is unequivocally more qualified to lead us out of the mess that has gotten much worse under President Obama.

You have to wonder why Obama was re-elected despite his failure to accomplish what he promised to do. The two best examples are his promise to cut the national debt in half. It was about $10 trillion when he took office, and is now at $16 trillion. And the promise to create jobs. The unemployment rate has remained at or near 8 percent for four years.

It appears that the citizens of Cambria and Somerset counties, along with The Tribune-Democrat’s endorsement of the Romney/Ryan team, understand the enormous problems that exist as evidenced by the voting record. It is hard to understand why over 50 percent of the population voted for the Obama/Biden team. They either don’t understand the severity of the problem or they don’t care.

This administration only acts when situations reach a crisis point, as evidenced by the “fiscal cliff” that will occur on Dec. 31 if the current tax code is not extended.

When will the next crisis occur?

We are placing a burden on our children and grandchildren that will be catastrophic if a different course of action is not taken.

Richard Mezyk

Upper Yoder Township

Chemical imbalance, or is it greed?

One of our most powerful and fragile qualities (our minds) are in critical condition. Yes, we are indeed code blue. In the times we live in, humans and the rest of creation are under at least one misconception. We are blind to the truth with a capital “T.” We follow the god of money and not the god of humility. We are pagans, we strive to follow many idols.

Are we evolving or de-evolving? We worship Black Friday, not our father’s white Christmas. In some circles, this is called upgrading. I see it, if I see it at all, as a tsunami of imbalance. We are jugglers in a jungle of paper and plastic. We exploit each other, even our families, with indulgency and pervasive vicious circles of corruption. We are asleep and off course.

Society’s imbalance is secreted by the gland of greed and self-interest.

Leo Tolstoy once said, “We all know what we have to do to inherit life’s blessing. We just have to do it.”

I think a nice gift would be to see our children happy and healthy.

Vincent van Gogh, in his pain, seems to me sublime when he says, “I have been left very much to myself, and I think your fatherly eye will do me good. Thanking you in advance for what you may be able to do for me. ...”

He was speaking to his psychiatrist, I think. Thank you, good doctor. I am an artist, too.

Stephen Jendricks


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