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December 6, 2012

Readers' Forum 12-6 | Legislation deserves outdoorsmen’s support

Submitted by Readers

— A recent Internet find on caught my attention. It was an article about the “sportsmen’s act of 2012.”

It’s a bill with bipartisan support and one with great intentions.

In a nutshell, the bill would help open millions of more acres for public hunting and fishing by using funds from offshore oil and gas leases.

In addition, it would re-authorize the North American Wetland Conservation Act. This act uses federal funding to support state, local and private wetland projects. It would greatly help the troubled waterfowl populations.

It turns out that the Senate stopped it. Sen. Bob Casey was among those who voted no. Field and Stream magazine encourages us to contact our senators and tell them that we need this act.

Hunters, we need to continue to make our voices heard – even when there is no election – not just by our signatures and letters, but by our practices and ethics.

When we are responsible and ethical, it’s much easier to make a case against any bill or law that may affect our traditions and passions.

Dan Mihm


Too many in nation with hands out, instead of up

Welcome to Bizarro World. The world where right is wrong, wrong is right and nobody seems to notice.

The propaganda ministry is clearly in President Obama’s corner. Its influence is unquestionable and unsettling.

The real danger, however, is that our country is teetering on a terrifying precipice. People are concerned more about their own welfare than with the welfare of our country. People are concerned more about their own special interest group than about the interest of our nation.

More people have their hands out than have their hands up. And the merry presidential pied piper leads us all down a path of no return.

In the “Gulag Archipelago,” Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote about how his people never resisted when the government came to take away their every freedom, their very lives. They were in a stupor of dependency; apathetic and defenseless against an insatiable, unstoppable evil. Some of us recognize America is beginning to accelerate in this same direction.

History repeats itself and it’s an unspeakable tragedy to watch the demise of a unique and glorious nation. Never in history have so many been so willing to give up so much to get so little.

We’ve sold our freedom and our country very cheaply to the charlatan-in-chief.

Welcome to Bizarro World.

Patrick Neff


Performers in county band all-stars, too

Let’s congratulate all school students for doing well scholastically and to those who participate in school projects. Unfortunately, some projects are acknowledged more than others. Let’s admit it, sports get the spotlight. It’s hard to believe, but there are dedicated students involved in other activities. Very important and often overlooked are the arts. They range from music to theater.

I had the privilege of attending the 2012 Cambria County Band Concert. The 172 combined junior/senior high musicians were the “who’s who” or all-stars from all over Cambria County. The concert was performed to a standing-room-only auditorium.

These musicians practice as hard as any athlete on the field, but their all-star game, unfortunately, was overlooked by the media. Why? Does it take putting on helmets and pads to get recognition?

Just as a local athlete can make it to the big dance, some local band members can play the music.

Mark and Melissa Venesky


Ending hateful letters step in right direction

Thank you for the editorial on Dec. 3 asking for the end of divisiveness after the election. I was among the ones who felt strongly that you published too many on the right-leaning side and what I, in anger, called overzealous and fearmongering pieces.

I thank the woman who called with the message to stop the hateful letters. I have an impulse to say the election is done, get over yourselves and stop being angry old white men, but that puts me in the category of inflaming again, something I think we agree should stop.

Let’s give our young people a glimpse back into the era of having respect for elected officials and our elective processes.

In this season of peace and good will, it behooves us to try.

Mary Ann (Peretin) DeRosa

St. Michael


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