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December 17, 2012

Readers' Forum 12-17 | Stone Bridge lights spectacular, amazing

JOHNSTOWN — The Stone Bridge lighting project is one of the best investments Johnstown has made. Those who believe it’s “just lights on a bridge” and criticized the “whitewash” appearance of the paint on the bridge, have obviously never seen the spectacular brilliant light show that dances across the arches every night; the gorgeous colors are amazing.   

The only other display that rivaled this one has been gone for years – the laser light show that used to be at the Inclined Plane also was spectacular and amazing.

I am thankful that we in Johnstown have such a beautiful attraction we can attend any evening and it’s free. Even the stroll on the little park area by the display is very nice.

It is not only a great light show, but a memorable tribute to those who lost their lives in the 1889 flood.

Debby Ford


Russell Shorto also a Johnstown author

One perfect summer day many years ago, I was polishing the engine cases on my bike. From the garage radio, Paul Harvey’s distinctive voice reached my ears.

“The rest of the story” that day amounted to a lesson for any young man (today it would be “person”) about to seek his fortune.

Harvey’s sage advice to our youth was to leave their hometown. Harvey claimed that whatever talent or excellence a person might demonstrate, he would never be recognized by the people who had watched him come of age – sort of the little-Jimmy-from-down-the-street syndrome.

Thoughts of that broadcast came to mind when I read the article “Word Processors” in The Tribune-Democrat on Dec. 9. Surprisingly, there was no mention of Russell Shorto’s award-winning, international best-seller, “The Island at the Center of the World.”

Although I would like to say that Shorto is the greatest writer to ever walk the streets of Johnstown, Charles Dickens did pass through here at some point, so I leave it to time to make that judgment. But, Shorto is certainly the greatest living writer to have come from the mean streets of Johnstown.

“The Island at the Center of the World” is the story of how we, as a people, came to be.  In a very special way, it is the history of the American alloy. Beg, borrow or, preferably, buy a copy of Shorto’s highly acclaimed book – you will be informed and entertained.

R.G. Sapolich


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